01 The sharp Blade: (1)

Crafted for the thieves' guild, sharp enough to cut through more than mare physical substance.

Useful to cut a short path out in order to get out of a jam.

This dagger requires more than mere training to be of use, you need the touch to make good of it.

02 Silver Dagger:

An expert in silver forging crafted the blade, with with a shaman, a Swami and a total of seven holy entities overseeing the process. The blade was cooled and cured with holy water and saints' blood. Legend has it, an angel's feather was included in the completion of the weapon.

Crafted from blessed star silver and sanctified.

Makes for an excellent choice of weapon, when you are dealing with undead or supernatural entities.

03 The chrystal Dagger:

Created from a single diamond, coated with Cobalt and enchanted with sacred arcane runes before the final coating of a diamond sheath. Contains a Osmium core at two thirds up the length.

While the dagger may be lighter than expected, it can feel as if it had a will of its own due to the inner weight of the core.

04 Runic Dagger:

A foot long titanium dagger with seven arcane runes on the left side and seven spiritual runes corresponding on the right side of the blade.

05 The radiant Diamond Dagger: (21)

This blade was crafted out of pure diamond, before the dawn of man.

Being the hardest substance found naturally, the entire set has survived to this day.

Ancient runes could be found on the tip of the handle.

When the intent and execution is pure, the blade glows in brilliant light. One of the seven colours, or the entire spectrum at once.

If your intent or execution is impure, the blade goes dull, and if you persist it may drain your energy until you faint and collapse in an unconscious state.

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The thing with submissions here is to get a high mark they need a story behind them. These daggers could be great submissions, but without stories behind them they will be lucky to get a 2/5.