Captain Houou is a celebrity and war pilot who constantly taunts her foes and is known for her enormous breasts, an object of fixation for her fanbase.

The Problem

Monica Houou has a personality flaw like narcissistic personality disorder that causes her to have a fundamental need to be the center of attention.

The Solution

Houou has undergone augmentation to become a neotenic, a permanent child.

She created a virtual persona with exaggerated sexual attributes and solicited money and attention through producing and promoting virtual concerts, and binaural synth-pop, music designed to stimulate the brain in a targeted fashion to create emotion and phantom biofeedback.

She joined the military after seeing the Hero Cults around ace pilots

The Conflict

As a neotenic, no one takes Houou seriously. She looks like a 10 year old, and is normally treated like one. Her haughty and demanding personality is suitably childish that her actual age and experience fail to show.

Her celebrity persona is a borderline fetish symbol and caters to the lowest common denominator, fanboys who obsess about breasts. Her concerts likewise cater to this. This moves her professionally to an inferior position to more musically inclined performers, meaning that she will never move out of being a niche performer

She is a good, but not great pilot, and her ego and taunting of foes can get the better of her, especially if her foe can keep a level head and dishes back. Houou can dish it out, but she can't take it.


Houou's biggest limitation is her time. Keeping up with a military deployment schedule and doing her music production work takes up most of her time. She has a cadre of assistant producers and sound engineers, but she is the final say-so. Likewise, she does take great pride in her military accomplishments, meaning she doesn't skip training drills, and knows the ins and outs of whatever machine she happens to be piloting.


Military - the military has a demanding schedule, be it mercenary, freelancer, or state/national forces. The giant war machines have to be maintained, campaigns mounted, training and drills run, war games played, and when Houou rolls out in whatever chariot of carnage and destruction she has been put in, her life is literally on the line. Despite have what should normally be the best of the best (but no necessarily prototype and bleeding edge) gear, there is always the risk of being killed.

Artistic - the biggest complication to her performance career is her status as a neotenic being discovered, and that her G-cupped stage persona is a mix of body double autons, virtual trickery, holographics, and stand ins. This could potentially destroy her persona, and send her residuals from selling sexbots, live model duplicates, virtual sims, and performance sales through the floor.

Identity - As a neotenic who has bought her own synthetic 'family' of caregivers, Houou is emotionally stunted, and lacks the ability to form meaningful personal relationships. One of the traits of neotenics is sexual immaturity so she is not capable of having children, and in most nations, regardless of her calendar age, her biological age makes her a minor, and intimate relationships would immediately fall under the pedophile jurisdiction.

Greatest Fear

Isolation, being alone, or worse, being ignored. She has that constant need for external validation because inside she is a spoiled rich child her got everything she ever wanted, and is ultimately hollow and empty inside, having no internal sense of value or self-worth.


The Artist known as Oh-Ho-Ho (a blend of her surname and her mocking laugh) is a tall, statuesque blonde with wavy hair, trend-setting artificial eyes, skin tight suits, and famous G-cup breasts. She most commonly favors a red, white, and gold color pallet.

The Captain, using autons and body doubles for publicity, looks the same, but the hair is tight up for being tucked inside a neurohelmet or similar control rig, and the uniform is similar to what a normal pilot would wear, but tighter to make sure those G-cup puppies are not hidden inside trashbag fatigues.

Monica is a skinny 10 year old girl with curly sandy blonde hair and though certainly pretty, she has a cold and cruel cast to her features.


Captain Houou is intended to be used as a rival pilot, either a blue falcon who shows up to cause problems, throw blame on others, and then steal the glory, or as an enemy. She is a good and dangerous pilot of whatever machine she is behind the controls of, and will engage in direct comm taunting of her foes just so they know who they have the honor and pleasure of being defeated by.

Houou is sourced from the Heavy Object anime, and is based off the unnamed pilot of Gattling 033, an orb craft armed with naval caliber gatling guns. She would be fine as an orb craft pilot, a mech jock, an aerospace pilot, pretty much anything that is big, has lots of dakka, and doesn't require more than one person to control. She is a leader and a loner, not a team player.


Captain Monica Houou is an artificial child with a massive need to destroy her opponents to validate herself. The more successful she becomes, the more validation she needs to keep going.

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Adding in my own details, Captain Houou would be a citizen of the Commonwealth of New England, and her rank would be the Armed Forces of the Atlantic Federation. While she does do some actual campaign work, and has a number of combat kills, making her a legitimate ace, she does most of her work in a USO fashion, where she is used in military propaganda, does live concerts for the troops, and is a poster girl for said forces. As orb craft have yet to dominate the Cosmic Era, she is not an orb pilot, rather, she pilots something angular, dangerous, and hostile, like a Warhammer or a Battlemaster (Battletech), with the full regalia of nose art and kill marks on the body, and plenty of bond posters of her partially naked sitting in the mech.

Her special skill in a mech is sideshifting and combat evasion. She all but make whatever she is driving dance, rather than trudge or battlestomp wherever it goes. If she can't establish a radio comm, her mech will have a powerful loudspeaker or bullhorn on it so she can literally emit her mocking laughter at her foes in combat (psychological warfare).