The Capathan concept of afterlife is different than most. Rather than believing that their souls or spirits or memories would live on, The Capathans believe that the emotions they feel upon death live on. Those emotions effect and empower all those of their (Capathan) blood, just as the emotions of others effect their blood. Thus those who died filled with rage would fuel the anger the living might feel for decades to come. Those at peace or in love would bring happiness for generations to feel. Those that die in battle feeling courage, fuel that feeling in their people for decades to come. Thus dying as a coward (feeling fear) can be seen as a terrible crime, promoting that feeling in those of Capathan blood for decades. Thus how they feel when they die determines how their people fare in the future.

This has created a mindset in these passionate people; that they must 'feel correctly' at all times. They make sure to feel an emotion clearly and completely (as any moment could be their last), and that no 'detrimental' emotion should be entertained for more than a moment. They practice emotions so they can feel them properly.

This mindset has led to these people to several practices of mental discipline. Their training leads them to having near superhuman memories and recall, practiced control over their emotions and drives, the ability to completely hide their emotions (thus appearing to be feeling one thing, while feeling another), physical meditative abilities (having strong breath control and the ability to effect their metabolic systems), hypnotic skills, and a quite sophisticated system of arguments and logics that one would expect of a urban and legal oriented culture, not semi-nomadic warrior tribes.

It also includes one other thing: ritual suicide. The ritual suicide is one of the most holy Capathan customs, reserved as the highest honor one could perform for another; to die for ones loved ones or friends was a sacrifice beyond words, the ultimate expression of love and loyalty. One does die not only to support others, but their entire blood kins, as they will feel how they wish the tribe to feel for decades to come. So a Capathan can literally 'will themselves to death'.

Their spiritual leaders, The P'than, teach these techniques and recite the hundreds of Capathan poems that teach their philosophy and spiritual beliefs. They also guide people though emotions and act as healers when needed.

One side note about their techniques is that it helps them hone their crafts. To feel mastery or pride while crafting is the ideal. However, to truly experience it, you must master the craft or action. Thus they try to perfect everything they can. This extends beyond crafts and making, but into song, weapons training, and game playing.

Of course, their spiritual beliefs effects how they deal with others. They fight without fear. The mental games they play, focusing on emotions or on thoughts, make them a cunning people. These are not simple nomads. They are keen planners and strategists. They try to frighten their targets at death (thus will wear war paint or ugly masks), to weaken the victim's blood for future generations. They are masters of reading the intentions and emotions of others less trained than themselves; thus are dangerous bargainers. They also do not brook common liars. (Not that they mind lies per say, they just can't stand someone who is so stupid or bad at it as to get caught easily.)

As for the other worlds...
Spirits and Ghosts are seen as nothing more than emotional bundles. Their spiritual leaders (P'than) guide the spirit to unravel the emotional strings that bind it together and to the world. Negative spirits (demons in other parlances) are creatures which feed on the emotions of others, causing their victims to feel certain emotions, then either stealing them away... leaving the victim without feelings (thus a living dead, as they have nothing to pass on)... or killing them in a state of fear, pain, despair, or weakness, passing that on to the blood.

There is more to these people of course, but their spiritual beliefs color what they are.

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