Amethyst 'Amy' Collapse

Amy is a diminutive woman who dresses like a teenager and acts like an ADHD patient to cause people to underestimate her. She uses a form of dress that scandalizes conservative attire, blending real life fan service into her wardrobe. She further pushes the envelope by presenting herself as being one dimensional and hyper fixated on 2-3 different things so that these items become bonded to her in the minds of other people. Typically this slavishly consuming a specific food item, wearing a certain color, or similar things.

Amy Collapse is a demolitions expert and sapper. She works like a kunoichi using her disarming and annoying appearance to let her get into places that serious people would be refused. Once she is able to access infrastructure or vulnerable areas she can use precision tools, shaped charges, and improvised devices to do everything from cutting power and communications services to literally collapsing buildings. She has almost no combat abilities, she is not a fighter in any level.

Hook - Amy Collapse is the sort of NPC who infiltrates a group of victims or refuges and when brought to safety uses her skills and devices to cause further damage, especially when dealing with high power heroes. Likewise, she is the sort who uses temp services, ride share apps, or other modes of interacting with groups to get inside their operations and deliver her explosive charges. Amy is not terrorist, so her tools are not used against population groups or crowds, but more to destroy the halls that heroes call home, forward bases, or even super weapons, statues, etc.

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