Amerikka Command: The Snake in the Grass

The history books like to gloss over the formation of the Atlantic Federation,that a group of men signed documents and treaties, there were celebrations in the street, and then on to the next chapter. The formation of the Federation was done with only a slight majority of the popular will. Significant numbers of objectors and dissenters lived in the Republic of Texas, Mexico, the Rocky Mountain Free States, the Great Lakes Republic, and the Gulf Coast Commonwealth. Many of these disaffected members created resistance movements and organized opposition movements against the declaration of Federation sovereignty. Some were vilified, others were fringe to begin with and went out on their own. A large number remained, and hardened around gang cores, veteran's groups, and patriotic factions. The first decade of the Federation was calm, as most of it's opponents were divided and as likely to squabble with each other as with the government.

12 years after the founding of the Atlantic Federation, there was a major convention in Springfield, Texas. The leaders of half a dozen of the largest dissenting factions met, elected a common leader, and began the process of merging their organizations into a power capable of bothering the massive Federation bureaucracy. The new organization, Amerikka Command, formed with it's core being the expulsion of foreign powers from the sovereign soil of the former United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. This was an ultra-patriotic and ultra-nationalist movement that drew on the rhetoric created between the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, and the American-Soviet Cold War. Much of the rhetoric is skewed or misrepresented, which is understandable considering the fact that the American Federal Superstate had collapsed almost a century before.

The Amerikan Manifesto

1. Restore the ancestral borders of the United States of America, the sovereign nation of Mexico, and expel foreign leaders from the North American Continent.

2. Restore the American values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of property and happiness.

3. Destroy the Corporate States, and their corporatist control of the government.

4. Assist allies around the world who fight against the Federation, and other global megapowers.

Decrypting the Amerikan Manifesto

The Amerikan Manifesto is a short and somewhat confusing cluster of goals. The first goal is nearly impossible to even contemplate considering that the former territories governed by the former USA are now administered by three separate megapowers. The Republics of California, Cascadia, and Alaska are firmly Pacific Rim Coalition states and have little interest in rejoining the central and eastern states and provinces of the continent. Mexico is a staunch Federation supporter, as the nation has benefited greatly from the formation of the Atlantic Federation. Finally, no mention is made of the former nation of Canada. The main aim of the first section is to break up the Federation, no longer controlling any territory in Europe, Africa, or the Caribbean.

The second point is based in basic materialism and greed. The Cosmic Era has seen the proliferation of electronic and virtual property, online lives over physical lives and possessions, and resource controlling. The Amerikan Command wants to return to the greed driven materialism and excess that marked the final decades of the United States. 

The third section is one that draws a large amount of support for the Amerikkan Command. Roughly 50% of all Atlantic Federation elected officials are Corporate Party members, representing corporations and mega corporations rather than the people of a district or state. The Union Aerospace Corporation is a common target, as the UAC annexed all of the former state of New Jersey, and a few thousand square miles from states surrounding it, making it into the first Corporate State. There are dozens of other corporate enclaves around the world that have done the same, replacing local and municipal governments with their own corporate hierarchies. 

The Forth section is a call to arms to assist foreign anti-federalist powers, as the Amerikkan Command knows that bringing down the giant will take more than one David. The Amerikkan Command cooperates with the European terrorist group Armas, as well as guerillas and terrorist groups in Africa and across the Pacific. This cooperation ranges from sharing intelligence, money, to weaponry. Armas tends to have more money than Amerikka, while Amerikka has the ability to get it's hands on more military hardware.

Field Marshall Larry 'The Cobra' Goodwin

The first leader of Amerikkan Command was Federation Field Marshall assigned to the Republic of Texas to deal with insurgents and dissidents. The Federation intelligence department failed to notice that as a former President of the Republic of Texas Goodwin was a sympathizer himself. The Cobra built up a large force of soldiers loyal to him, and sharing sympathies with the Amerikkan Command and in a training exercise, defected with the men and materiel. The next week turned into a military disaster for the Federation as Goodwin and his soldiers fought and defeated a half dozen attempts to dislodge them from their strongholds in the Texas wastelands. The Rogue Army stayed in the hinterlands between California, Colorado and Texas, using the terrain and local hospitality to it's advantage. Eventually popular opinion against using heavy military gear against Federation citizens, and pressure from the Pacific Rim Coalition caused the Federation to withdraw major combat actions. Goodwin would later be recognized as the natural leader for the Amerikkan Command and signed off on the first Manifesto.

The Cobra's term of leadership was relatively short, but very influential. Goodwin forged the first alliances between the Amerikkan Command and Armas, as well as making the first steps to alliances with the Black Dragon Society in the Republic of California. Goodwin organized the Amerikkan Trooper Corps as well as laying the groundwork for the Command's logistics and material supply chains. He would eventually be assassinated after plans leaked that he was organizing an attack on the New York Arcoplex that was going to use biological and chemical weapons.

The Amerikkan Command Corps

The Command Corps is made predominantly of white males from the republics that formerly composed the United States of America, as well as attracting members of other races and creeds who have a passionate hate against the Atlantic Federation. The Command has training camps in the former states of New Mexico and Arizona, and when not actively serving in the Corps, they can take off the uniforms and vanish into the civilian population. Unlike many terrorist organizations, the Corps isn't motivated by religious zeal or economic depression, most members are non-religious, and have a degree of education. This has lead to the Corps enjoying a greater level of success than other previous terrorist groups. The Amerikkan Command is a recognized terrorist group, but doesn't suffer the same stigma of pointless violence and death as previous terrorist groups, as their attacks and raids tend to target the military, corporations, and inflicting property damage and not civilian casualties.

Command Troopers: The rank and file soldiers of the Command are competent marksmen and many come from military backgrounds. Command troopers are able to infiltrate populations with ease,and can have a large variety of skills and knowledge. Troopers while not specialized, are compentent soldiers, many of whom have seen action, either in Africa or in Europe, or even against dissidents in the American southwest. 

The Viper Corps: The elite of the Command, the Viper Corps are career soldiers dedicated to the Amerikkan Command cause. Where many troopers are more like national reservists, the Vipers live and breath the military. Almost all are former military, and bring a variety of skills to the table, ranging from Federation tankers, to Coalition special forces, to Ex-pat European soldiers.

Cyber Corps: One of Amerikka's greatest assets is it's cyber corps. The organization does a great deal of technological sabotage, stealing data, and other online actions. More Federation citizens know about Amerikka through their cyber attacks, than from their physical actions. The Federation Government generally keeps things like raids against military bases and supply centers as under wraps as possible, but it was almost impossible to hide when the Command infiltrated and corrupted the database at the Chicago Arcoplex. The server system broadcast their ultra-nationalist message and aired old 2D movies about the United States for almost an hour before the server was shut down. The resulting six hour data black out was disastrous for Chicago politicians.


Amerikka Command started out lacking in many resources, but between military defection, outside support, and continued illegal activity, AC has made itself a force to be reckoned with. Through industrial espionage and outright theft, the organization has a balkanized mixture of equipment it can put into the field. 

Personnel Assets: It is estimated that there are as many as 25,000 active Amerikkan Command members, composed mostly of Vipers and the elusive cyber corps. The number of active sympathizers is estimated to be closer to 1.25 million. The majority of these sympathizers are located in the Republic of Texas, Mexico, and the Rocky Mountain Republic.

Financial Assets: Amerikka's budget is estimated to be in the vicinity of $100 million a year. It is known that some companies are actively involved with supporting the AC such as Anaconda Energy (formerly Anaconda Petroleum) of Venezuela, or Tellus Electronics of Cuba. Other resource streams include financial donations from foreign powers, and factions such as the Anti-Federation Party of South Africa, or the Royal Family of Scandinavia. These assets are used to finance activism campaigns, recruiting for soldiers,and equipping these soldiers.

Equipment: compared to the typical Federation soldier, the AC soldier is poorly armed. But compared to his Federation counterpart, the AC trooper is better trained and much more motivated. And most AC troopers are veterans, while the bulk of Federation soldiers are garrison/militia level trainees or reservists.

Notable Vehicles and Equipment
  • The Republic A-10 III Rattlesnake: The Rattlesnake is the workhorse of the AC airforce. Built on the venerable A-10 Warthog, the Rattlesnake is an impressive ground attack aircraft that has VTOL capability, a heavy payload capacity, and a vulcan autocannon. The Federation has long trumpeted the superiority of the mech, the Rattlesnake has reminded a number of mecha pilots that they are just as vulnerable as any soldier in a tank.
  • AC Dynamics High Speed Tank:  A hodgepodge tank, the AC High Speed is an open topped infantry fighting vehicle. It can carry 10 basic infantry into battle and then support them with a modular open turret weapon system. The most common configuration of the High Speed is a pair of matched 40mm autocannons. Unlike most vehicles, the High Speed can point it's guns almost straight up to engage mecha at close range, anti-aircraft fire and artillery support. Other versions include six tube missile launchers, and sacrificing the infantry space to support a plasma cannon, twin linked lasers, or artillery pieces.
  • The Boom Buggy: a favorite of the AC, the Boom Buggy is a light offroad vehicle well suited to the rough terrain of the Southwest. What it lacks in armor, it has in speed and maneuverability, and a weapon mounting point. Boom Buggies have proven more than capable of flanking Federation combat armor troops, inserting specialists, or spotting fire for heavier AC assets
  • Cyborg Commando:  Thankfully rare units, Cyborg commandos are Vipers who were wounded in combat and have opted to undergo painful and dangerous surgury to turn them into mostly machine warriors. Cyborg commandos are almost individually unique in their abilities and armament, but each invariably has an infantry support weapon as a standard firearm and substantial armor for infantry.
  • Stealth Tank and Stealth Vehicle: The AC boffins stole avast amount of stealth technologies and applied them first to a mobile stealth generator. A large tractor trailer sized vehicle, the Stealthtrack is able to generate an anti-ECM field that obfuscate AC bases from Federation electronic detection. With the massive dependence on robotics and electronic warfare, the Federation is largely unable to locate most AC bases. The Stealth Tank uses a miniaturized version of this system to function as an ambush hunter. The tank itself is a dated and venerable system, and running the generator means that the vehicle is only able to mount conventional weapons.
  • Firebat Soldiers:  A common modification of powered combat armor, the Firebat mounts a pair of flamethrowers in the forearms and is used as a terror weapon, or area suppression weapon. The Firebat  can use handheld weapons designed for power suits, but most simply lay down walls of flame.

Fleet Assets: A great embarassment to the Federation is that the Amerikkan Command has a fleet of ships at it's command. Roughly half of these ships are held in reserve at the AC HQ somewhere in New Mexico or West Texas, and is guessed to be at the most 6 warships. These ships have been commandeered from Federation fleets, or built in secret for the AC by unknown parties (many suspect the ACPS) and have been christened with names of significant American battles.

The Texas Fleet:
ACS San Jacinto, a Federation Destroyer
ACS Alamo, a Federation Destroyer
ACS Valley Forge, a custom build tank carrier/assault ship
ACS Concord, a Federation heavy cruiser, formerly the AFS Wales
ACS Lexington, a custom built gun cruiser

There are significant fleets also based out of AC friendly South America, and at least one major warship, the ACS George Washington, a repaired and relaunched Federation battleship, based in Johannesburg. The SAUR rebuilt the ship after it was lost in the Siege of Joburg and then sold it to the AC for a fraction of it's value.


The United States of South America: considering the scale and viciousness of the warfare between the United States and the Amazon Alliance during the resource wars, and the endemic crime and violence fostered by the drug trade, it is little wonder that the Federation is not popular in the USSA. While having no care or support for restoring the United States of America, the USSA does enjoy keeping the Federation off balance and funding it's own domestic enemies. Many AC vehicles are built in the USSA, and a number of soldiers of fortune from the south have joined the AC for experience, or out of a taste for violence.

The South African United Republics: Again, a surviving power of American aggression the SAUR is still in conflict with America in it's modern form, the Federation. There are constant skirmishes between SAUR forces and Federation units in the Congo area, where there are thousands of square miles of disputed territory. The SAUR has benefited from AC cyber corps, and the AC has been generously gifted with money, firepower, and a free bearth for any AC ships that can reach SAUR territory.

Armas: The European counterpart to Amerikka Command, Armas wants the Federation broken up, and the European Union restored and the return of sovereignty to European States. Armas is older and has more experience in working with the population rather than as an enemy of the people. In exchange for Armas training, AC supplies Armas with gear and weaponry. In the past, when Armas has captured a rare piece of gear they will sell it to AC to reverse engineer it and put it into production.

The Black Dragon Society: the criminal elements, mixing California Mafia with Yakuza and Chinese Triads, the Black Dragons are masters or laundering money, and producing unique specialists like hackers and assassins.

The Amerikkan Command has long associated itself with patriotic imagery and the 'Don't Tread on Me' of the revolutionary war

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This created a synergy of juxtaposing red white and blue, stars and stripes, and a serpent motif. After decades of evolution and adaptation and being updating evolved into a more commonly known and recognized symbol.

cobra_logo.jpg?o=3a href=cobra logo Pictures, Images and Photos
Author's Notes:
Amerikka Command has been rolling around in my mind for a while. It's based on Cobra from GI Joe, a radical terrorist organization bent on world domination. According to canon, Cobra is an American organization, well armed and well funded. Amerikka Command exists as a fascist organization that wants to turn back to America during it's heyday during the petroleum era. They want things that we take for granted like a car in every garage, and a family in every home, and a clean green lawn and a culture of consumerism. The new Atlantic Federation took the eastern and central portions of the US, and there is a different culture, it's based more around online and electronic possessions, and personal vehicles are an oddity, as most people live in or near arcologies and have access to either mass public transit, or are able to work from home via logging into the CogNet (ala the Matrix). America has become a historical note, famous for it's excess and it's devotion to god given rights.

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