This shield is cast in a heater pattern, that is to say, flat top edge, sides perpendicular for about half it's height, then tapers to a point.

The shield is solid beaten plate metal with a slight curve. The shield boss, the part that protects the knuckles, is not visible from the front of the shield as the shield grip has been formed on to the back seamlessly. The shield grip greatly resembles the back of a leather gauntlet with straps for the forearm and a handle. The materials of the shield are strong and hold up well to use.

Magical Properties:

This shield has two simple and magnifient abilities.

It's first ability is not often seen unless used en masse. If the Ally shield has its edge on another Ally shield, it can lock in place with that shield by saying the command words 'Formed up sir!', usually in response to the superior officers order to form up. The command words 'At ease.' break the locking to the neighboring shields. This ability can be used on any number of shields above two shields, and two shields are often locked together with an injured soldiers third shield make a strecher for the two healthy soldiers to transport wounded on.

It's second ability is often used by solitary troops. The shield can be commanded to halt all motion and remain suspended in space, immune to the effects of wind, gravity, and any force less than a stone giant. The user must be bonded to the shield to activate this power, but once bonded, need not be in contact with the shield, merely line of sight. The command word for immobility is 'Halt!' and the command word to release immobility is 'Pass.' This ability is often used to provide a bit of cover while leaving the user's hands free to loose arrows or other activities. Because the shield does not resume it's former velocity when the imobility is released, it can be used to break falls, but this may become moot it the users arm is ripped free from the sudden stop.

To bond the shield to a user, the desired user must coat the face of the shield with his blood. This bond can be broken by scrubbing the shield with salt. Salt water does not scrub the shield.

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