These are the remains of the followers of the good deities, and Fragments of gods and angels.They come in all sizes and power levels. They will be found at the sites of great battles and former holy sites.Crazy Ones are completly mad from the experience of the last great wars. They are particularly attacked to sorcerers casting white and black magic spells, if cast one right after the other. Many in their deranged states have embraced black magic, some even summon minor Others(sort of demons). One thing they all have in common, they have VERY high Luck stats and are able to use it in ways far beyond mortals, also they all glow light blue. The Greater Others look on these beings with glee and amusement, they love the corruption that taints them . Many Others are avid watchers of their antics and will actually send help if their favorite amusement is in danger.


A common from of Crazy One.

These are the remains of those beings that wrote down the sins of the followers of the old gods, they come in a wide variety of power levels, however the vast majority of them are of low power.

They will follow sorcerers that are heavy into both black and white magic. At first they will appear as ghostly beings , writing down the perceived sins of their victims.. At the Keepers discretion they will join in a particularly important fight. They use their incredible Luck to cause fumbles and re-rolls of failed saves of the sorcerers enemies.. 25% of the rounds they will be writing(basically doing nothing) They are incorporeal and have a wide variety of offensive abilities, most commonly a wave of their quill that does damage appropriate to their power level(causing the victims sins to manifest as pain.


Commonly found alone, these are the mounts of the old gods and their minions. Horses, Pegasus, gryphons and hippogriffs the most common while empty chariots pulled by these plus lions and goats are less common. Despite the name they are of a hard and corporeal form of ectoplasm. they make trampling attacks, able to attack at least 3 foes with their melee attacks, high damage resistance, tough overall combatants, they never run from a fight. Found at the sites of battles of the old gods.They use their Luck to avoid hits and make critical hits against foes that do a lot of damage. mid to high level boss fight.


These are one of the mooks of the Crazy One world. They are the animated remains of the armor of the common soldiers of the old gods.They retain the abilities of a basic divine warrior. Many of the standard races are represented(especially elves and dwarves). Normally found as plate a few are chain..They fight with semi-hard ectoplasmic weapons. They will all have one fighter type special ability w/ berserk being the most common. Easily swayed by Others and powerful sorcerers as foot soldiers. Also found in the company of more powerful Crazy Ones but they themselves have no leader types. Each Steel Shadow may use their Luck twice, once to enhance an attack and once to avoid a hit or critical. They can be retained as followers but they are battle focused and will attack anything encountered so they don't make the best retainers.They will get bored easily and wander off.


Small single white wings(no body), these are the remains of the messengers of the old gods. They fly as if the rest of the bird was there. Attacking in swarms. found almost anywhere. Luck manifests in very high HP and 25% spell failure chance to spellcasters stuck in swarm, but take 150% damage from area effect spells. Swarms are attracted to areas w/ large gatherings of people, less commonly encountered outside cities. Mobs,festivals and parades seem to most attract them the most.


The remains of the seraglio's of the gods.While the floating lady's underthings and negligees are deadly, they also look rather silly, just sort of blowing around. They attack by constriction and strangulation. Luck manifests as an immunity to all damage except for edged cutting weapons.Only encountered after dark.


These are the very disgusting, animated remains of the stomach contents of the dead deities. They would easily be mistaken for a common slime or pudding, save for the Crazy One telltale blue glow. Scholars have endlessly debated on why these exist at all, but conclusions are all vastly different. Luck manafests as huge dodge bonus. Attacking with acidic sprays and immune to non-magic weapons, The 'dead' remains of these are of value to a select group of arcane investigators.


The last word of a deity. Manifests as a Misty blue glowing cloud accompanied by the horrendous sound of a single word being repeated rapidly over and over. Deals moderate sonic damage and there is a 33% chance of spell failure inside it. Damaged as a non-corporeal creature in your system. Takes double damage from fire and d8 from torches. Luck manifests as excellent save vrs all but fire magic.

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