1-Magnetic Sword

The Magnetic Sword is one of the magical weapons that was made with much difficulty and danger at the Infernal Forge. The weapon, the size of an average long-sword, is strongly magnetic. The idea is that, when used with another sword or another type of weapon, the other person's weapon will stick fast to it and can be easily pulled out of the way, allowing the user's other weapon to be used to harm the foe with ease. The blade has disadvantages; it gets stuck to uncut iron mail and to iron plate armour quite easily; once stuck it takes pulling with both hands and one foot to free it; and the magnetism does not work against weapons that are neither iron nor steel.

2-Anti-magic sword

Carried by the feared Hexanjager Police who patrol the edges of the Azure District of the larger cities, these plain iron blades can slay most magical creatures and Undead with a single blow and fend off most magic. Yet few would willingly carry them, as all magic, including healing magic, is rejected and cannot affect those who carry this type of sword. After a couple of years in close contact with the sword, the no-magic effect on the sword's owner remains even after the weapon is no longer held. Such a person is immune to curses and the like, but can never be magically healed or blessed for the rest of their lives.

3-Three-blade Sword

Generally found only in exotic places like the gladiatorial arena, the three-blade sword is a katana with three blades, two at 45 degree angles to each other. In the hands of a master of it's use, the three blades are deadly, able to rip into the foe's body in three places and with a sharp twist of the wrist, slice up their body and do great damage. Most people find the three-blade sword too hard to use properly. In the arena, the rival gladiator that the three-blade sword is to be used against is often armed with a War Forbici which makes a very interesting arena battle.


Not all cultures have much metal to make swords with, and some of the far-flung volcanic islands that belong to The Pan-Kor have very little metal on them. Instead the warriors carry clubs of ironwood with sharp obsidian blades tightly embedded in them. Each individual blade is very small but when they are all combined and embedded in a layer of sticky sap they make a blade as sharp as any metal blade.

5-Great Greatsword

A common weapon of The Voigotoi the Great Greatsword is a two handed sword made from bog iron that can be up to a foot wide and ten feet long. Very few humans are strong enough to wield one of these effectively, at least not without some mighty magics. It is said that one of these exists somewhere with a spell on it that makes it as light as an average longsword, but this might be a myth. Generally even the few weapon-friendly towns would bar entry to this weapon. In the hands of a Voigotoi warrior, this can deal death to all those around, but most humans cannot even lift it.

6-Beserker Blade

Made many centuries ago for the Berserkers of early Vallermoore, the holder of this enchanted blade, once it is drawn, has a near overwhelming urge to use it, and not just that, but to keep on using it. The blade greatly helps in combat, turning a novice into an average warrior, an average warrior into a skilled warrior, and a skilled warrior into an absolute master of swordplay. But when the foe or foes are dead, it is hard if not nearly impossible for the sword's owner to cease fighting and sheath the sword again. Because of this problem, Berserker warriors armed with these swords were sent in small numbers either to guard bridges-one is said to have slain forty of his foes before his death-or to attack the enemy ranks head on. They were not expected to survive, and those who against the odds did survive, were sometimes reluctantly killed when they attacked their comrades after the battle was over.

Traditionally these were buried with their owners, as it was too dangerous to take them from their dead hands without falling under the sword's blood lust spell.

7-Grave Good sword

Many cultures bury their beloved dead with Funeral Gold and Grave Silver and often with weapons. One of these is normally encountered with by grave robbers or in the bony hands of the Undead. If the former it might be bent or broken to *kill* it and render it useless for this world, if the latter it might be made of something nasty, like the explosive Orthacarium as revenge on the grave robber. Despite this, many impressive blades have been buried lovingly with the dead when they are still useful to the living.

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