The Serpico is totally honest and refuses to take any bribes, even large ones. Some on the force greatly admire his honesty, others privately find him a pain. He is not sent to patrol certain city beat areas, in case he finds and busts illegal gambling dens who are paying high ranking city officials to be allowed to operate unbothered by law enforcement. He longs to one day become a detective and solve murder cases.


An expert at forensics, he has identified large numbers of criminals through their fingerprints or their DNA and helped to solve a score of murders and two major robberies.


Bent as in corrupt, not as in gay, he will happily take bribes to let off speeding drivers or people caught with knives or small amounts of illegal drugs. Much more worryingly, he takes bribes from the Mafia to not be around when certain serious crimes are taking place. The Serpico suspects him to be corrupt, but at least for now has no evidence and does not want to risk derailing his own career by blowing the whistle on him-at least not for now.


Most police officers have to use a certain amount of violence at some point in their careers, but Thug has used much more of it then strictly necessarily, mainly against the poor. He has been complained against several times, but in some cases his actions were deemed to be justified, whilst other complaints were swept under the rug to maintain the honor of the police department. The blue wall of silence does much to protect him, as most officers will not inform on each other to Internal Affairs.


The Tackleberry is the number one target scorer with the revolver on the police firing range, and has a large collection of (legally owned) pistols, revolvers and rifles at his home and longs to join the SWAT squad. But at riots he is warned by the brass not to use his gun unless he really has to do so. He has shot and killed three people. One time was clearly self defense, one time was to save the life of a hostage, but the third man was unarmed-until the Framer-Upper planted a gun on the dead man.


Nothing scares the Brave-not armed criminals, the Mafia, or even rioters, and he is the first to hurry to the scene when there is serious trouble. Unless there is serious traffic, he leaves his siren off so as not to alert the criminals of his approach. He has had to go hands on with criminals several times and has won every time. The Careful hates being paired up with him on patrol as the two have very different ideas about policing.


The Careful is not exactly a coward, but he is unwilling to just run into danger and prefers to use a tazer or pull his revolver on a belligerent suspect rather then going hands on. The Brave hates being paired up with him on patrol as he does not feel that the Careful would back him up to the hilt in a fight as he should do. When a riot breaks out, the Careful is allways careful to suit up and bring his riot shield alone.

8-By the Book

He does everything by the book, never taking bribes, wrongly beating people, or otherwise breaking the rules, and is a firm friend of the Serpico. Internal Affairs have their eye on him-as they hope to recruit him to join their ranks.


A former soldier, he is an expert at both armed and unarmed combat and has plenty of friends on the force, as well as plenty of stories about his time in the army. As he holds an honorable discharge he cannot be conscripted into the military, but would happily join up again in an emergency.


When witnesses against organized crime or their relatives are in great danger of being murdered to shut them up, he is the one who tries, normally with success, to persuade them to enter witness protection and accept relocation and new names at government expense. He has a secret that he has not even told his wife about. As a fifteen year old boy he saw a mobster murder someone, testified, got the mobster sent to the electric chair, and had to go into witness protection. When he was old enough he joined the police under his new name and eventually got this role.


Bearded and unkempt, he looks nothing like a policeman. He has infiltrated drug dealing rings, an outlaw biker gang, and even the Mafia, sometimes at risk of being murdered if he is found out by his targets. A score of criminals who thought they were untouchable have been sent to serve long prison terms by his actions.


He is an ordinary beat cop with no ambitions to go undercover or become a detective or join elite police squads such as SWAT, but that does not mean that he is not content and a good officer who preforms his job well. He is often the first officer at the scene of a crime.


He is part of a top secret police unit that makes political dissidents who get too mouthy vanish. As he works in a democracy, it would be a major high-level scandal if his highly illegal activities were ever to be discovered and publicized in the press and the media.

14-Apples (meant for a fantasy world)

He was part of a police squad sent to take down a high level mage who had been openly casting forbidden spells in public. In the magical shootout he was hit by a spell that turned him into a horse, although he still had his human mind and his ability to speak. Now he serves in the Police Mounted Division, helping to control crowds and charge at rioters and enjoys what he does.


As in practical joker. The kind that puts poison ivy onto towels, buckets of water on doors and the like, she goes to great lengths to conceal the fact she is the source of the pranks, which is why she is still a member of the police department.


Armed with secret alien tech, including a device to make people forget things, he polices the hidden world of aliens from outer space when they commit crimes or reveal themselves to humans. It is a highly dangerous job as he does not know what he will be facing but someone needs to do it. Before that he was an ordinary beat cop who by chance saved an MIB member when he found an alien attacking him and shot the alien dead.


He was sent alone to bring in a notoriously violent gangster who had committed a relatively small offence that the gangster could easily get bail for within a few hours. The gangster refused to surrender and made death threats because it was the birthday of the gangster's five year old daughter, and he backed down and later told the Vigilante about it. The Vigilante is now making his own secret and illegal plans to take down the gangster by sending him to the grave.


A truly vile officer, the Framer-Upper is so far responsible for a score of innocent people going to prison, including one sent to death row. When he caught a genuine criminal armourer with enough illegal guns to get him a fifty year prison sentence, he only charged him with the possession of one gun, knowing the armourer could not mention the others in court without getting jailed for much longer then the three years he was given. He also stole a couple of blocks of crack cocaine from the room where they awaited destruction in a furnace. Since then he has gone around planting guns and drugs on people and in their cars and homes. Since there is a law that cars and homes that have illegal drugs found in them are sold and the money used to finance the police department, he has enriched the department to the degree that every officer recently got a 10% pay rise. He does not care that in framing up the innocent, genuine criminals are getting away. He is not in fact racist-he is an equal-opportunity framer upper.


'There is more law contained in the end of a policeman's nightstick then in a decision of the Supreme Court.' So says the Baton, and he is never happier then when swinging his nightstick around, be it justifiably against an armed criminal attacking him with a machete, or totally wrongly against a man handcuffed to a chair to force a confession out of him. He has many civilian complaints against him, to the point that Internal Affairs can no longer ignore it and are sniffing around the case.

20-Double Life

By day he is a well respected police sergeant with over a decade spent in law enforcement, and by night he is a masked burglar, robber and safe breaker. Often he is sent in to help investigate his own crimes and obviously he does not catch himself. He has caught many other criminals however and is a popular man on the force.


The job of the Speaker is a police negotiator in hostage situations and other times when just charging in would be a bad idea. He has saved several lives and is very good at his job.


He recently earned the police department's finest medal for bravery-and he can't stop bragging about it to his fellow officers, to the point that they are rolling their eyes and wishing that he would just shut up about it.


Petty is very into rigidly enforcing all the small laws with vigor, often fining people for things like feeding pigeons, feeding the homeless, driving a little too fast, and littering. He is one of the more unpopular officers with the general public in his area, but crime has dropped, so perhaps preventing the small laws from being broken lowers the amount of serious crime as well.


As a member of the SWAT team he gets all the biggest guns and strongest armour that the police force has to offer, and gets to charge into houses on no-knock warrants. He has arrested many serious criminals and shot dead a couple who tried to fight back. Tackleberry greatly admires him and longs to join his unit.


A surprising amount of a police officer's job in any law bound society is filling in arrest forms, property forms and other such uninteresting paperwork. Paperwork does other officer's paperwork for free, even though this is in fact illegal. He is a very popular officer with the others in his unit, but if the defense lawyers ever find out about his activities a lot of convicted criminals will get new trials, wh will really annoy the Super.

26-Desk Bound

He was once an active officer until he was shot in the back-and left permanently in a wheelchair and stuck behind a desk. Now he can no longer chase criminals like he used to but he can still do his bit at the police station, talking to those who come in to report crimes and getting their statements. He has, like the Vigilante, a bitter hatred of criminals.


Vigilante has his own dark ideas about enforcing the law. He has done things like...

-arresting members of rival gangs and then dumping them in the heart of the other gang's territory where the rival gang soon murders them

-outright stalking and then murdering criminals when there are no witnesses around

-taking the homeless and the drunk out of town on cold winter nights and leaving them to freeze.

Because either there are no witnesses, the deaths are thought to be accidental, or the criminals are looked down on, Internal Affairs has so far been slow to look into things.

28-Old Timer

He has been in the force for other forty years now and is getting rather too old for it, as his once strong body is not as good as it used to be although his mind is still sharp. Because of a law that only aircraft pilots and co-pilots and air traffic controllers can be forced to retire, the brass cannot make him retire and fear an expensive lawsuit if he is sacked. So he helps the Desk Bound and the Paperwork in the police station. He misses his old days out on the beat.


Contempt has a scarcely veiled contempt for anybody who is not a serving police officer, and that includes even most lawyers and judges. He despises the majority of crime victims as he thinks that eight times out of ten it is the victim's fault. He hates criminals and the defense lawyers that he thinks makes his job much harder then it should be, and agrees heartily with the views of the Baton.


He started as a mere police cadet, but with decades of law enforcement under his belt he is now the Superintendent of a police station in a big city, and is under a lot of pressure. His own officers want more pay and better equipment, the civil rights protesters want less police brutality, most people want more criminals caught and convicted, and every major faction in the city wants it's own things from the police department. It is starting to stress him out.

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