1-Giant Flanged Bullet (the size of a starfruit)

A giant flanged bullet is the size of a starfruit and has flanges. It will take the limb off a person if it hits him or her limb with anything but a light flesh wound, take off a head, and pierce even the thickest armour that is light enough to wear. The kick if fired from a rifle would break the shoulder, so it is fired from a heavy gun attached to a fort or a car, truck or tank that can fire six shots before it needs reloading.

2-Silver Buckshot cartridges

Slightly cheaper then silver bullets, these cartridges are filled with silver dust and are very useful against werewolves or other supernatural beings that can only be harmed with silver weapons.

3-Modern Musket Balls

In some countries, black powder weapons are legal whilst more advanced firearms are banned for most people.These look like musket balls and the firearm that fires them looks like a 17th century musket on the outside but is in fact a machine gun capable of semi or fully automatic fire.

4-Stealth bullets

When fired in the dark, the gun they are fired from covers up the flash and lets no light escape, thus avoiding pointing out where the shooting is coming from.

5-Cryo bullets

These bullets freeze what they fire at, avoiding infection but causing frostbite damage as well as bullet damage. If fired into meat, it will keep the meat frozen for a whole day, preventing the meat ration from decomposing.

6-Magic Bullets

In a world with magic and technology, these are enchanted. Most often each bullet carries a curse (see 30 Curses for details ) but more expensive versions can transmogrify those who they hit into animals.

7-Wounding bullets

Used for when someone needs to be taken alive, these will not hit a place that would cause instant death, but are still capable of causing some very nasty wounds. They are fired by a gun that jams when a wound would be fatal and are often carried by police units.

8-Acid bullets

These contain acid and even if the bullet wound does not kill you, the acid most likely will. They can also damage the joints of mechs, which are their intended target.

9-Fist size bullets

Fired from a special padded shotgun, these fist sized bullets can punch a hole straight through an unarmoured man and can even damage Power Armour.

10-Secret Police bullets

In a country with a secret police force, these are the type of bullets they use. When the regular police force find these bullets in someone, they normally drop the investigation very quickly-which is handy for the PCs if they have somehow got hold of these bullets for their own guns.

11-Spectre Killing Bullets

If they deliver fatal wounds, they don't just kill the person but his or her ghost as well. They can also kill ghosts that are haunting the person who is armed with these bullets.

12-Six At Once

These are normal revolver bullets, but the gun that they are fired from is a six barrelled revolver that fires all six at once. The downside is that the revolver needs reloading if the foe or foes have not been dealt with by the first volley of shots.

13-Golden Bullets

Made of gold, the penetrating power is low-but it means they can be fired in a plane or a spaceship without causing a hole in the hull. They also look good but are very expensive and are mainly carried for vanity reasons.

14-Plutonium Bullets

These look like normal lead bullets but they are in fact plutonium with a thin layer of lead and should be handled with care. Any wound from them will be tainted with radioactivity and will probably go cancerous if the target survives the initial attack on him or her.

15-Water Bullets

Meant for training, these high powered water pulses can still blind if they hit the eyes and leave nasty bruises but otherwise do not harm.

16-War Crime Bullets

These are hollow point, filled with poison, and barbed as well, breaking three rules of the Hague Convention all at once, but on the plus side they are very deadly.

17-Jamming Bullets

Meant for fighting mechs and other electronic foes, these will shut down the part of the mech that they hit entirely.

18-Mini Bullets

These are tiny and fired by small animated model soldiers. They can cause pinprick wounds and the damage mounts up over time.

19-Large Bullets

The size of tank shells, they are fired from special guns mounted on armoured cars and can penetrate almost anything including mechs.

20-Black Hole Bullets

When they hit the target they create a black hole that lasts just a few seconds-enough to suck the person or object that was shot into nothingness, leaving no traces.

21-Fake Nerf Rounds

These look like harmless nerf rounds, and the guns they are fired are brightly painted and look like toy nerf guns-but in fact the guns and bullets are real and just as dangerous as normal bullets.

22-Coral Bullets

Made of coral, wounds from these unless quickly cleaned will certainly get infected.

23-Dead Dog Bullets

Normal bullets that have been left in the carcass of a dead dog for weeks, even a flesh wound from one of these is sure to get infected at once.

24-Traffic Tracer bullets

These come in three colours, green, amber, and red, and are meant for letting nearby military units know how a nearby fight is going. Green means the area is clear or has been forcibly cleared of enemy soldiers, orange means a firefight is going on and help would be appreciated and red means either send reinforcements at once or, in some armed forces, call for an airstrike.

25-Holy Bullets

Blessed by a holy priest or priestess, these can kill otherwise hard to kill unholy foes like high ranking devils and demons and the Undead. Against normal foes, they act like normal bullets.

26-Hellish Bullets

Cursed by a devil or demon and given to the members of their cult, these do extra damage to Angelic or otherwise holy foes. Against normal foes, they act like normal bullets, except that wounds from them are more likely to go septic.

27-Dissolving Bullets

These bullets dissolve in blood as soon as they have done their damage, and within a few minutes nothing will be left of them, so they will not be able to be used in evidence in a criminal case.

28-Hunting Bullets

The gun that these are fired from will only shoot animals that are being legally hunted in the proper place and the proper hunting season, and the bullets will jam any other gun that they are fired from. Once the hunter has hunted his or her limit for the year's hunting season, the gun jams until the next hunting season. If aimed at a human, pet, endangered animal, or animal in a national park, the gun jams until p[pointed away from the target.

29-Marked Bullets

These are only for the use of the country's army, and are meant to cut down on the number of war crimes the army commits as for each soldier or officer the bullet has a unique serial number. So if they start turning up in unarmed civilians, the soldier who fired them will soon be in trouble with the military police.

30-Napalm Bullets

These bullets contain a small amount of napalm to create a burning wound that does even more damage then a normal bullet wounds.

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