1. Merton Edge

Merton Edge is a hyperedge sword of unremarkable manufacture. Sourced from the war forges in the New Hanseatic League, the blade has a silver patina and red geometric patterns running the length of the surf board sized blade. It has a traditional blocky profile and an offset piercing tip. What makes Merton Edge remarkable is that the weapon has a cluster of glomes linked together in the blade. Two of the glomes are of unknown resonance, classified as ??? and Mystery respectively. The two other glomes are fire types. For whatever alien synergy that exists between the glomes, Merton Edge is an unstoppable weapon. The blade has demonstrated an inability to be resisted. Merton Edge can penetrate phased armors, polarized armors, and even through kleinshe fields. The handful of assault marines who have carried Merton Edge have slowly been consumed by dreams of fire and apocalypse, and more than half have manifested pyrokinesis powers.

2. Ymir's Fury

Ymir's Fury is a cryocannon based off of a condensed plasma rifle. The cannon has both a high rate of fire, and, bizarrely, armor penetration capacity. The cannon is carried by the 'Frost Titan' sergeant at arms, first company, of the Nordic Avalanche Battalion, a reflex force in New Oslo. The frost cannon has a long track record of icing cosmic horrors, terrorists, and putting out fires.

3. Cataclysm

Cataclysm is a large blitzhammer with a deeply worn head. It has been carried for almost a generation of soldiers in the Republic of California. The weapon is several times more powerful than a normal blitzhammer, but unlike those weapons, Cataclysm can trigger seismic events, landslides, and when used in demolition purposes, automatically inflicts critical hits.

4. Stormchaser

Stormchaser is a fairly normal looking plasma rifle, except for being fitted with a longer copper barrel. A normal plasma rifle would melt such a barrel with the first shot, but Stormchaser is a 'Lightning Gun' and can fire bolts of lightning, complete with deafening peals of thunder. It is a powerful and dangerous weapon that can only be used by power armor troopers with insulation and grounding technology. Lightning guns are uncommon, but Stormchaser can do more than just hurl lightning. Stormchaser can throw arcing lightning, that will hop to multiple targets, and when used in inclement weather, can actually draw down lightning from existing storms. The weapon is currently lost in Africa, where it is being venerated as a holy relic by a tech cult.

5. Song of Orpheus

The Song of Orpheus is a long range acoustic device (LRAD) that was upgraded to accept a glome, and associated hardware. The LRAD still functions normally and can generate suppressing sound to break up or disrupt crowds, and be used as a powerful audio speaker. The Song has the ability to generate post hypnotic suggestions, with the most irresistible being SLEEP. The Song is effective at putting biological organisms into a passive or sleeping state, ranging from humans to carbon based cosmic horrors. The Song is currently housed in an arsenal at the Pit, near New Nuyork, one of the Federation master arsenals.

6. Drakan

Drakan is a Nipponese wonder weapon based off of a Directed Energy Weapon, like the crowd dispersal MASERs that were mounted on light vehicles. Unlike those, Drakan generates strange radiation that affects brain activity, inducing those it hits with a peculiar sort of madness. Victims of Drakan become confused, disoriented, and highly aggressive. This isn't a directed berzerker rage, it is an atavistic self destructive urge. Crowds turn on themselves, soldiers murder their comrades, and even dour and taciturn people range from wandering around lost to hacking victims to pieces with whatever sharp object they can find.

7. Gravity Falls

Like Drakan, Gravity Falls is a Directed Energy Weapon, but it projects a mass alteration field, a gravity beam. The beam is very effective at dropping flying craft, collapsing structures, and toppling mecha. This is not what makes Gravity Falls special, what makes this weapon special is that Gravity Falls is strong enough to bring down flying warships, and can inverse its field, ripping things out of the ground. In the decisive Battle of Pretoria, Gravity Falls was used by SAUR mercenaries to crash the Federation cruiser Victoria and to toss several assault mecha into low orbit. The weapon is currently hidden in a secret cache in the SAUR.

8. Requiem for a Dream

Requiem is a squad support particle cannon that was retrofit to hold a single oversized glome, also known as jewel Lux Eternal. This glome has radically changed the power usage and performance of the weapon. It has been reduced to being able to fire just once in an hour, while the insides of the barrel cool, and the weapon has to be recalibrated. Firing Requiem has the side effect of creating localized dimensional sheer around it, and can cause other arcanotech devices to fail or act erratically. The beam Requiem generates is capable of piercing warship armor, and produces energy across the known spectrum. There is no armor that can resist this one of a kind cannon. It is currently housed in a weapons vault on Luna, and is considered a treasure of the Lunar Free States.

9. Smaug the Desolator

Smaug the Desolator is a plasma flamethrower, a routine, if high power weapon. It has been augmented with several glomes, and as such fires a fan shaped pulse of plasma flames that in addition to having terrifying range, has knock down and armor piercing capability. Smaug can be used to cut through buildings, remove limbs from light and medium mecha, and will spatchcock and flash fry a power armor trooper in a half second. Smaug is attached to the 1st Federation Reflex Battalion, stationed at the Trans-Atlantic Aerostat city of New Atlantic City. From this location, they can reach almost any surface installation of the Federation in less than two hours.

9. Karoo

Karoo is a spear variant hyperedge blade, one that is known and feared by Cosmic Horrors. The nine foot long spear is made of a classified metal, has a single glome core, and is highly sensitive to telekinetic manipulation. As such, the spear can be thrown with superhuman power, and anything it hits is supercooled and likely shattered by the mass of the spear. Karoo was used in shutting down a DFE in the Barents Sea, and was lost along with the men using it. It is somewhere at the bottom on the North Pacific.

10. Slag

Slag is a particularly nasty plasma rifle. The weapon is fitted with a single glome, and deals slightly above average damage for an infantry support rifle of it's type, but the energy Slag fires is corrosive in nature, and objects damaged by it will continue to degrade after being hit. Armor plates hit by the weapon will bubble and weep well after thermodynamics dictate, and the same goes for organic targets hit. Flesh will continue to suffer damage from the weapon. Anything that survives being hit by Slag will carry the scars for the rest of their lives, and the only thing that can end the constant pain from said injuries is amputation.

11. Longinus

Crafted by the Lunar Free State, Longinus is a mecha sized power spear with two points, technically a 'bident'. The weapon has a fitting for a single massive glome that is specifically not equipped in it. This deifacted glome is kept in a secret vault, well away from Longinus itself. Should an event occur that requires a 'godkiller weapon' Longinus would be assembled, and a Lunar fast ship along the lines of a Thunderbird would deliver Longinus and it's mecha bearer. The spear itself is held in a clean sealed room, and while a treasure of the Free State, it is dangerous to even be around.

12. Wolf of Winter, Fenrir

The Wolf of Winter, Fenrir, is a charged rocket launcher. Fenrir fires mundane rockets, but the device charges the rockets with arcane force, greatly magnifying the explosive force, but also imbuing the explosion with cryokinetic force. Rather than using it's formal name, most users call it the comet rocket. The impact of Fenrir is akin to being hit with a comet. Despite being a heavy infantry support weapon, Fenrir is more than capable of damaging mecha and even ships with a good shot. Fenrir is carried by the Jotunn Corps of power armor troopers of the Kingdoms of Scandinavia.

13. Split Second

Split Second is a laser rifle with a special scope. The scope contains the actual glome core, and can alter the flow of time around the shooter. Split Second can manifest two different powers, allowing the user to all but pause time while they line up the perfect shot, and to accelerate time for the user, allowing them to move dramatically faster. Thus, a sniper equipped with Split Second can move the with speed of an Olympic sprinter, and then take a knee in the middle of a firefight and snipe with incredible accuracy. Split Second is in the hands of a secret ops sniper in the Eurasian Alliance, and has been used in containing DFEs around the old Chernobyl reactor.

14. Chronoscepter

The Chronoscepter is a directed energy weapon that uses a cluster of temporal glomes in it's charging matrix. The beam generated by the Chronoscepter is a time retardant and anything caught in the beam has it's speed, reaction time, and initiative drastically reduced. The weapon is large and is mounted on top of a fast moving hovercraft or helocraft. Currently the Chronoscepter is being studied in depth by the Hanseatic league. The League is fascinated by the prospect of chrono-weaponry mounted on its warships.

15. Tanlladwyr 'Brightkiller'

Tanlladwyr, the Brightkiller, is a power armor trooper sized hyperedge sword equiped with a light devouring glome. The sword is carried by a master armored swordsman from England, and is attached to the Albion Reflex Team. The Brightkiller is a sort of 'vorpal' blade, but rather than loping of limbs and heads, Tanlladwyr inflicts wounds that are nearly always fatal. This power is the most effect at hacking through living flesh, and thus, fantastic at hacking apart bugs, cosmic horrors, and the fatally infested victims of DFEs.

16. Joyeux

Named after Charlemagne's sword, Joyeux is a polychromatic hyperedge blade in the care of the Kingdom of France. The human sized sword is carried by he bodyguard of the French monarch (a titular and figurehead leader, as France is governed by the same cognocracy as the rest of the Federation). Joyeux is a psychotronic weapon and can only be used by a parapsychic soldier. The blade was created by accident, as a replica sword was caught in a dimensional vortex, and is a 'sword of light'. It raises the morale of those around it, cannot be dulled, and is one of the few weapons that can slice through energy fields with almost no resistance. The weapon has been used to dispatch at least three Desolate Ones.

17. Xlokk, The Stormwind

Xlokk is a strange device in the hands of the Brotherhood. The device is mounted on a quick moving vehicle and resembles a directed energy weapon. Xlokk, when discharged, unleashes a rapidly generating stormcell. Within a matter of minutes, a massive storm call can be generated. The type of storm depends on the location, and as Xlokk is in North Africa, is unleashes dust storms that lash entire regions and nations. If it were used in a more temperate area, it would make tornados and torrential rain, and in the north, blizzards. The saving grace is that Xlokk requires a massive amount of power to activate, and rather than doom-buggying it around and holding cities hostage, Xlokk is kept in Enoch where it is worshiped as a techno-idol.

18. Yata

The lone survivor of a high energy research project, Yata is a mobile field generator. This vehicle mounted system can throw a klein field of exceptional strength. This device was intended to be mounted on a mech or warship but the power core fused to the chassis of a paramilitary armored personnel carrier. It was mounted on the APC during the fighting retreat in the 3rd Korean War, when the ACPS overran the peninsula and drove the Pacific Rim Coalition forces out. Yata was among the last things evacuated rather than allowing it to fall into the Emperor's hands. The field has a unique property among klein fields, energy weapons fired through the rear side of the field are actually compressed and magnified. Any energy weapon fired through the rear of the shield inflict damage as if they were of a larger grade. A light Naval Particle Cannon will inflict damage as a medium, and a heavy NPPC will deal damage on par with a Higgs cannon.

19. The Sword of Kusanagi, Soul of Hien

The Sword of Kusanagi is a highly unstable and dangerous weapon. It is both a psychotronic weapon, and is equipped with a luminescent glome. Any parapsychic who wields the blade and activates it will almost immediately be pushed into a parapsychic burn, but will allow them to move with the speed and force of the wind, and the blade inflicts massive amount of damage, regardless of if it is organic or not. The sword is a holy treasure of Nippon, and has apparently been in their possession for centuries. How it was made, and where it came from are unknown.

20. Yasakani

Yasakani is a weapon, even a device, by only the barest of definitions. It is four glomes that are mag locked together into a floating configuration and can only be touched by a parapsychic. The device is incredibly dangerous as misuse can trigger dimensional fatigue events, and is almost intended to do so. In the hands of a skilled user, it can magnify parapsychic powers, and by default it can burn away shadows, poison, and even heal the injured and raise the recently slain. It hasn't been used in years as activating it's full power all but ensures the death of the wielder. It is a personal treasure of the Emperor of Nippon.

21. Lure

Lure is a power armor sized power bow currently in the possession of the ACPS. The bow fires arrows six feet long that almost sentiently home in on their targets. The effectiveness of Lure is such that the Emperor of Jade commissioned the creation of a power armor specifically to use it, and naming it the Marvelous Archer Yi Armor. The psychotronic armor Yi power links with Lure, and in the possession of a potent PK, becomes a nigh unstoppable engine of precision destruction. As Yi and Lure are using non-electronic weaponry, it is almost impossible to spoof, and unhackable in a high tech era. Lure is being increasingly equipped with better and specialty arrows.

22. Chaos Wing

Chaos Wing is a heavy machine gun with a fixed hyperedge bayonet. This enormous weapon can only be wielded by a power armor trooper, or a strength augmented cyborg or gene altered metahuman. The power of the weapon is threefold. The gun itself, a magnetic assisted 10mm machine gun is well known for it's damage potential. In game terms Chaos Wing has an armor penetration value equivalent to that of a light anti-tank gun, but still does the same relative amount of damage. If Chaos Wing scores a critical on it's to hit, it automatically inflicts critical damage, potentially damaging much larger vehicles or foes via disabling them. The hyperedge bayonet has the same improved armor penetration and ability to inflict critical or disabling attacks. The third power is that the soldier carrying Chaos Wing is filled with a righteous fury of battle, and when in combat they cannot fail morale checks, can force less disciplined troops to scatter or fall back, and gain improved combat mobility including a charge attack as a free action.

23. Hellfire

Hellfire is a heavy pistol, the sort of slab sided gun designed for plunking down rogue 'bots, jacked up cyborgs, and things with too many eyes and no concept of pain or fear. It has a hard kick, and only holds 3 rounds at a time. The standard issue version of the pistol is known for it's penetration power, knock down potential, and basically being a pocket sized cannon. Hellfire, with it's glistening black grips, takes this to another level. The rounds are imbued with pyrokinetic potential, inflicting extra thermal damage as well as functioning as tracers. In the hands of a religious person, the weapon basically inflicts Holy damage in addition to it's normal and fire damage.

24. Tri-Disaster

Tri-Disaster is an old weapon, a double action pistol grip shotgun that is well over two centuries old. The gun was recovered from a black zone in the North American Rockies, where it was used in facing a particularly vile DFE. The gun still seems new, and the action is clean. Provided rounds can be found or made for it, the gun is a tremendously powerful tool. Inside of a DFE horizon, Tri-Disaster inflicts triple damage, and for damage type it counts as fire, electrical, and cold types. Almost nothing is able to ignore it's attention. Outside of a DFE, it is a mundane shotgun and has a random chance of inflicting one of the above damage types. If used in a sheer zone, it deals maximum potential damage, and has all damage types.

25. Divine Judgement

Also known as the Deejay, Divine Judgement is an infantry support laser 'cannon' that is either mounted on top of a vehicle or carried by a power armor trooper. The laser is an impressive weapon in it's own right, but it really shines when facing cosmic horrors, extraplanar or extradimensional foes, or while in the hands of a religiously devoted and ordained soldier. When facing foes tainted by the beyond or evil, Divine Judgement is a Holy Weapon, and inflicts damage as such. In the hands of a combat chaplain it deals more damage consistently (at least 50% of potential damage, the Holy Man doesn't wing demons, he drills them in the chest) and with a proper prayer or personal sacrifice, Divine Judgement will Aim True and automatically hit whatever the desired visible target is, and inflict maximum damage. The cost of this varies from user to user, and some have given their life to power the weapon, others have given up violence, or have radically changed their lives afterwards.

26. Zanetsuken

A curved hyperedge blade of Nipponese design, Zanetsuken is boasted to be the sharpest object on Earth, and that if a man could face God with this sword, he could make God bleed. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, anyone facing him has to dodge or evade his attacks. Failure results in serious injury, the loss of a limb, or outright death. The sword is among the finest hyperedge blades ever crafted, and is combined with over a thousand years of Samurai swordsmanship.

27. Deathgaze

Deathgaze is an antique heavy plasma cannon, the sort that was used before the bugs in high energy weaponry were really sorted out. As such, the weapon is dangerous to simply be around. The weapon functions as a normal heavy infantry support weapon until it starts to overheat. As the weapon gets hotter and hotter, it's damage potential also increases. A smart trooper balances firing the weapon, and letting it cool to prevent damage to the barrel and magnetic bottle inside. A brilliant user takes the weapon right to the limit of how much heat it can stand, how much heat and radiation the user can stand. Right on the edge of the barrel melting and heatstroke Deathgaze unleashes its true potential. The plasma undergoes nuclear fusion, and Deathgaze goes from being a plasma cannon to a fusion cannon, able to deal heavy mecha weapon grade damage. At close Quarters.

28. Demon's Eye

The dark counterpart to Divine Judgement, Demon's Eye is a blackened infantry support laser, one that has been damaged many times but always seems to be functional. It inflicts thermal, corrosive, and toxic damage, and in the hands of a genuine dyed in the wool cold blooded murderer or lunatic, it deals maximum damage. The weapon only seems to ask to be used. Demon's Eye cannot be used for warning shots, trick shots to save lives, or the other good guy gunslinger tricks and tropes. Demon's Eye is Lucifer's right eye.

29. Dark Messenger

Dark Messenger is an unholy cosmic horror tainted weapon, and it only exists because of the continued folly of man. The weapon is a heavy flamethrower of the plasma variety (rather than combustible liquid sprayer variety) but for some unimaginable reason, the flames generated by Dark Messenger are blue, purple, and light absorbing black. The weapon also produces a toxic plume of smoke when fired, requiring the user to wear full chemical protection otherwise they are quickly disabled by the fumes. Anything hit by these flames suffers hideous burns across their bodies, even if the flames do not penetrate their armor protection. This includes power armor troopers, mecha that take head hits, tanks and other vehicles that take criticals. The weapon is currently being studied to see if new weapons can be made to exploit it's ability to kill through armor without damaging it. It belongs in a fusion furnace, where it should be melted down and them poured into a deep deep hole in the Earth.

30. Phantom Siren

Phantom Siren is a long range acoustic device, an LRAD, that generates a single frequency, at a single intensity. The effects of this sound blast vary from person to person, but the effect is immediate and profound. Those caught by Phantom Siren have a change of going temporarily blind or having severely compromised vision, loss of hearing, numbness, inability to taste or smell anything, intense vertigo or extreme disorientation, or outright unconsciousness. Some of these effects can wear off as soon as the Phantom siren is turned away or off, some can persist for days, or even become permanent. Being exposed to the Phantom Siren is almost guaranteed PTSD.

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