The wealth of information on Strolen's is quite incredible, and opens itself to endless combination and adaptation. To provide some more ideas, I present the second volume in the 30 Legendary Antidotes and Cures

31. Deep in the center of the Silent Sea, where no sails are filled, a great ship lies broken upon hidden shoals. Within the dead ship can be found a sea-chest which contains the widget of dodad

32. The Necromancers of The Valley of Undead are skilled in the arts of medicine, though they will ask a dear price in return for the expensive treatment required, and getting their attention in the first place could be problematic.

34. While known primarily as an ingredient in Scrying potions, or for attempts to investigate murders, Plutonen Bulbs have such a strong association with Death that curative potions are possible. The process of manufacture, however, generates an abundance of foul smoke that causes uncontrollable nausea in all but the best protected.

35. A small, oddly phosphorescent poisonous lizard's venom can be rendered into the cure, but this lizard can only be found on The Hidden Island of DarOrgath. The local lizard-people know of this as well and would help find them, in return for aid against the local Cultists.

36. A Strong Box in the tomb of King Balderth the Brave contains The Spell required to produce the text.

37. The condition can be cured by a paste made from 100 petals, collected by a virgin priestess.

38. If one summons an Buzurivambava and petitions it with some dreadfully rare substances, it may produce the necessary cure. Of course, the substance being as foul as it is, it could have some dreadful side effects.

39. Through careful application of one of The rarest of Alchemical Substances, Chiemeria Oil that wound that seemed irreparable could be cured by one skilled both in sculpture and in anatomy. Both oil and healer are difficult to find.

40. A mystic, trapped in the dreamrealm has a spell that can cure the disease, but he is frail and blind and cannot move from his tower in the dreamrealm. The person needing the cure may not travel to this realm, so some means to carry the spell must be found. An amulet of pure Tassite would do the job. Procuring the amulet, and reaching the mystic are both significant challenges.

41. Within the Mother_Swamp, that region of constant change, it is possible, by times, to find some flowers that can provide the cure. However, much of the time they are not flowers. They shift forms, month by month, alternating between grass, shrub, moss and then flower again, following some pattern set by the moon. This place is holy to the Fishkin who are an additional danger to a land that could regress one's mind.


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42-The Orcish Princess Helen of Grond has a plant on her belt which will grant the cure but has to be persuaded to give it to the PCs as she has far too many strong Orcish bodyguards for it to be taken by force from her.