1. OmniCorp Chipmunk OS 9.0

Assorted, shares same first letter as operator's name, and matching gender

Avatar: Chipmunk assumes a mirror image of the operator, with a randomizer for facial features, making them similar, but not too close to the operator.

Background: Chipmunk is just one of several child oriented cathexes that are offered by OmniCorp. Chipmunk is designed to encourage playing games, learning, and a very soft indoctrination towards OmniCorp products. Chipmunk is fun, outgoing, and while child like, is protective of it's operator.

Notes: Basic no frills cathex for children. As the child ages, the core coding upgrades with them, with Chipmunk generally being completely replaced with a different core OS with the specs and preferences carried over from the older model.

2. Hyper Integration Technologies Mark 1 through Mark 17


Avatar: A Cyber Ops agent, fitting Federation norms. Mark will mimic the race/ethnicity of it's operator, but will always remain male.

Background: The HIT Mark series Cathex was produced for the Atlantic Federation Cyber Ops Division by HIT. As a government military contractor, HIT gear is restricted to government sanctioned agencies and units. Mark functions as a communications and coordination adjutant for Federation officers. The program is used primarily by Cyber Ops but has proven it's usefulness and value for mecha/aerospace group leaders, communications officers and other tech heavy users. The Mark program is currently on it's 17.1 OS.

Notes: Mark has access to military communications networks, knowledge of military intelligence fitting the clearance level of it's operator, and limited ability to control semi-autonymous equipment such as skeletrons.

2. Cyberdyne Augmented Navigation Aid


Avatar: A small framed woman with a curt and precise nature.

Background: Ana was designed to be the OS for the Star-cat Aerospace fighter, a contract that Cyberdyne lost. The program was rewritten as a specialized use Cathex. With extensive competency for operating vehicles, Ana is a popular choice for pilots and small craft operators. This semi-open source makes Ana a popular choice among shadow runners and riggers who want a competent drone operator, co-pilot, or backup they can trust.

Notes: Ana can operate most vehicles remotely, and has sufficient speech ability to communicate with observers on the ground without revealing her artificial nature.

3. UAC Mirage Covert Ops Cathex


Avatar: A neo-military ninja, a virtual Snake-Eyes

Background: Mirage was designed as a very low profile cathex that can operate in low tech areas, often being confined to only the gear being carried by it's operator. The cathex is virtual teammate for a covert ops unit, replacing the need for a remote access cyber ops agent.

Notes: Mirage is equipped with extensive knowledge on how to stalk, kill easily, manufacture improvised weapons, and can grant these skills to an operator with the correct 'chip slot' access or in built CogNet access abilities.

4. Nova Corporation Drill Sergeant DS-89


Avatar: Slightly aged, no nonsense gruff and grizzled veteran drill sergeant.

Background: The DS-89 was designed as a basic issue military cathex to assist in training new soldiers, instilling discipline or order, and functioning as a talking version of the Soldier's handbook, doling out things from basic tactics, to weapons maintenance to facing or fighting an insurgency. Heavily modified DS-89s, and older 79s and 69s are popular OS for security robots and security contractors.

Notes: extensive military theory, training, and history, along with hands on basic operations from folding sheets properly to working as part of a team on a alternate power sourced energy cannon. DS-89s are common, and it is a frequently stolen and coped OS.

5. Mishima Corp 'Fury' Combat OS

Varies, but typically common male name

Avatar: Stereotypical mercenary, with skull face plate, or gas mask helmet. Fury OS do not have facial self imaging

Background: Fury was designs as a special operations OS for Nipponese agents working away from the home islands. The cathex is designed around the core concept of brutality, and works to ensure that the cyber samurai operating them are the most brutal and efficient killing machines possible. These OS were traded to groups who's interests coincided with Nippon's, giving technological access and advantages to groups like Shadowlaw and the Python Patrol.

Notes: Fury is a force of nature and destruction refined into a computer program. It knows how to destroy, and it knows how to intimidate.

6. Nova Robotics HAX-9000

Descriptive name like Dumpshock, Flash Burn, Back-Up, Overload

Avatar: lithe cybernetic humanoid with many tech gadgets

Background: the HAX series OS was created as a programmer's toolbox and was found to be very valuable as the OS was well versed in the function of code in other devices and programs. As such, the HAX series was very capable of overwhelming, undermining, and otherwise compromising many larger and stronger computer systems just because it innately understood the very pieces they were made of. HAX is popular among PacRim cyber ops, security cyber ops, and freelance hackers.

Notes: Code, inserting malware and viruses, rewriting code and corrupting hardware.

7. Oldware OS 'Ghost'

Various names, various genders

Avatar: various/assorted, but demonstrating both time lock and degeneration. Lacking a viable operator, they have not added new data, nor have they updated their code.

Background: When a cathex user dies, their cathex can remain behind. Ghosts are the OS that have been left active, but bereft of their operators. The programs continue to try to fulfill their purposes, but end up acting like stereotypical ghosts, going through their last set of instructions, waiting for a new authorized input. When a large number of people are killed at one time (dimensional fatigue event, disease) a large number of Ghost OS can be created, leaving dozens or even thousands of programs going through their final plans before the death of their operator.

Notes: Ghosts are confused, slowly deteriorating from lack of user maintenance, and in many ways a sad reminder of the person they once were companion to.

8. SecuriTech Defender Cathex


Avatar: a physically large and imposing man.

Background: Defender was created as a protective cathex for VIPs, children of the wealthy (operating as a secondary cathex) security contractors and private law enforcement. SecuriTech has dozens of versions, ranging from military bodyguards to more kid friendly 'Big guy with a heart of gold' model. These slot very well into android bodies and are excellent bodyguards and security agents.

Notes: law and law enforcement, hand to hand combat, observation, and coopting human interaction androids.

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