1-Senate Report

This may have a rather uninteresting title, but in fact it is a secret fact-file created by the secret service of one country about 30 Politicians of another country. Compiled from both public sources and the reports of secret agents, it contains their political views, strengths, weaknesses, secret affairs and how corrupt and bribeable each one is. The sort of book that would be very useful both for blackmail and for discovering the weaknesses of your fellow politicians, and is the sort of book that an aspiring politician would pay a band of PCs highly to recover, by force if need be.

2-The Book of Math

What seems like a boring book about maths problems is in fact all about Mathom, the God of Delays , and has this title because the author was distracted and unable to finish said title. It contains all sorts of important information on Mathom and His Priests, but is frustratingly not completely finished, as it seems that the author was unable or unwilling to finish it. It is a very rare book, as only a few copies were ever successfully printed before first the printing press broke, then the ink supply ran out, and then the printers were raided by the police by mistake.

3-The First Men

Most of this is a history book about the ancient culture and society of the long vanished First Men, but the last chapter is called Barrows of The First Men and says where the tombs of the Kings and nobles of the First Men are to be found and the right rituals and times to use to dig into them and reach the Dreaming Worlds inside them, and as such as a useful item for PCs to have. Whilst the actual barrows have long since been looted and contain just old bones and pieces of pottery, the Dreaming Worlds still have much to offer if they can be successfully entered.

4-How to Hunt The Undead without getting yourself killed

This book has sections on all kinds of Undead, from the True Vampires and the exotic Bandage Beasts, to the metal plated Ironbones the burning issue of the Urn Beast and many more. Each section explains the strengths and weaknesses of a different kind of Undead and how to successfully kill it, or at least banish it if killing it is not physically possible. It warns against looting the Funeral Gold and Grave Silver often found with some types of Undead, as this can bring bad luck or even worse to the taker.

5-Tales of the Royals

This book has tales of 30 Kings, 30 Queens., 30 Princes and 30 Princesses. To avoid getting in trouble with the currant ruler, they are all rulers of the past, some of them of the distant past, but this means that nothing needs to be held back about them as they have either been deposed or are no longer amongst the living, or both.

6-The Case of the Disappearing Daughters

Also known as The Mad Queen and her Daughter , this is the story of how the once capable ruler Queen Yocasta of Vallermoore went insane after her daughter's death, and how the daughters of her subjects were kidnapped to replace her original daughter and then murdered when they failed to be just like her. In the end the Queen went insane, took her dead, decaying daughter from the royal tomb and had her by her side at all times as if she was still alive.

7-True Stories of the Underworld

This has sections on 30 Gangsters, all of which have either been convicted of their crimes or died, to avoid the author getting sued for libel. It also has entries on famous items such as the Seal of Thieves and the infamous dagger Lawbane and a section at the back suggests taverns where it is said to be possible to meet with underworld figures.

8--Noble Etiquette and how to avoid making a Fool of yourself at Court

Useful for any PCs who need to make contact with nobles, this is a book of Court Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts that will explain how best to speak to a noble holding court and gain his or her assistance. At the least, the information in this book could prevent the PCs from being dismissed in ignominy from court and thought of as a bunch of upstart yokels. At best it could help gain some much needed help from the nobility.

9-Rings and Things

A book about magical jewellery, it contains the details of 30 Rings and such rare artifacts as The Crown of the Storm. It also has a helpful chapter about Gemstone Magic and how to cast it, and another chapter about the dangers of the Gems of the Underworld as not all jewels and gemstones are safe for humans to use. A must have for everybody interested in jewellery.

10-Cantrips for Dummies

This delightful little book has 53 or More Cantrips inside as well as how to cast them properly, and you don't have to be a master or mistress of magic to use it either.

11-The Little Red Book of Ma-O

Found in the dead hands of a recently killed Priest of that vile organization, it explains all about the murderous cult known as The Children of Ma-O and what it stands for, which is to cause as much trouble for the world as possible in the hope of bringing their demonic god Ma-O the Water Deamon to this world to enslave and rule it.

12-Candle Magic

Just what it says it is, a book about the many uses of Magic Candles and how to make them, as well as some suggestions as to where to buy those magical candles that are legal to possess.

13-Crysta the Warrior Princess

This is a book about Princess Crysta a warrior princess, and her search for a consort. It makes very entertaining reading.

14-A History of Sunreturn Customs through the Ages

A history of the winter celebrations of various religions, it shows how people have fun at the darkest, coldest times of the year, and has plenty of suggestions for how to have fun. It has a chapter on Mythical Gift Bringers, including Father Olaf and his famous Sleigh of the Storm.

15-Why Magic is Overrated

Written in a fit of pique by a would be mage who failed the tests to get into a magical university and also known as 30 Limitations on Magic this book asks why magic users do not rule the world and sets out a large number of reasons why. Mages and witches dislike this book intensely and it is banned within the campuses of most magical universities.

16-What They Don't Want You To Know

Rather then being a book of important secrets, this book is just a collection of random Rumors and Tales that might or might not be true. It is banned in some areas, but this is because many of the rumors are deeply libelous without any truth to back them up, and not for national security reasons.

17-Swords. Why does it always have to be swords?

The writer of Swords. Why does it always have to be swords? bemoans the lack of magical weapons that are not swords and calls for magical maces, curse-firing crossbows, supernatural sticks and the like. It is an appeal to magic users to make more varied forms of magical weaponry.

18-Maps, Maps, Maps

This book is full of them, with detailed maps of several countries, 30 Cities, One Hundered Twenty Three Islands and other places. If the reader needs to know where they are and how to get from A to B, this is a very handy book to have. Useful for almost any quest.

19-Necromancy For Dummies

Unlike the delightful book Cantrips for Dummies, this book is dangerous. Instead of a serious Treatise on Necromancy this book belittles the very real dangers of summoning the Undead and worse, has several spells to do so that leave out key things such as properly drawn out pentacles to protect the aspiring necromancer from the dead he or she is summoning. The reader should be extremely careful before casting any of the spells written here, as people have died or been possessed when casting them. Most countries have made this book highly illegal for safety reasons.

20- In Space Travel, What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong (OOC-meant for sci-fi games)

Also known as 101 Problems with My Spaceship this lists no less then 101 mainly minor problems that can go wrong with spaceships and how to fix them. Critics points out that most of the really serious problems that could result in loss of life if not fixed are not covered in this book.

21-The Fairy World

A book about the lesser fairy kin and how to interact with them, containing details of 30 Fairies ,what they eat, what they like and dislike ect. It says nothing however about the far more intelligent (and far more dangerous) Greater Fae Folk.

22-The Problems With Potions

The writer of this book had serious medical problems after one of the potions he took turned out to be flawed. Whilst interesting, this book on Flawed Potions grossly overstates the dangers. Most potions, at least those from reputable potion dealers, are perfectly safe. Illegal potions are obviously less so.

23-Races of the Galaxy (OOC-meant for sci-fi games.)

For those who travel into deep space, this book about 30 Alien Races could come in handy. It has their histories, the politics of their home worlds, and the pages are helpfully color coded. Those in the Green section are no more dangerous then humans are if encountered, those in the Yellow Section need to be treated with proper respect to avoid trouble, and for those in the Red Section, they are best not contacted at all for safety's sake.

24-Bored of the Rings

At first this seems like another adventurer's tale, but the whole thing is in fact a humorous parody of adventures and adventuring in general, and is very funny in some places, if a little overdone.

25-Curses For Dummies

This nasty little book of black magic has instructions on how to cast 30 Curses of the lesser sort, as well as 30 more curses of the greater sort of which only seven really work. As you can imagine, it is illegal almost everywhere, and can only be brought on The Black Market . A lot of people have suffered harm or even death because of the curses written down in this book.

26-Tales of the Orcs

Orcs are not generally known amongst other races for their reading and many think of Orcs as ignorant, illiterate barbarians. Whilst in some cases this is no doubt true, Orcs do have their own alphabet and at least the higher ranking ones can indeed read and write. Written in Orcish are tales of famous Orcs and their deeds, such as the Orcish Princess Helen of Grond and a fine warrior armed with the infamous Grond, Hammer of the Underworld who singlehandedly rescued her when a human king took her as a captive and held her as a hostage.

27-Love Actually

Written by somebody calling herself Princess Amelia, Princess of Lovebirds this is a book all about courtship, love and how to date written for the use of both genders. In the last chapter, which is meant for those planning to get married, are 30 Wacky Wedding Customs for wedding planners to choose from.

28-The Forge

A book about the Infernal Forge and the magical weapons that have been forged there such as The Xan-Axe. Whilst the book was published legally, the government insists that the exact location of the Forge remains a secret, to prevent people trying to create unauthorized magical weapons and hurting themselves or/and others, and to stop the secret services of other nations attempting to use, destroy or steal it. The Forge is the only known source for magical weapons in the entire country.

29-Great Escapes

Banned in Prisons, Jails, and Places of Holding as a security risk, this book is full of tales of daring and often successful prison escapes, some of them from high security prisons that were seemingly totally escape-proof. It is thought that a few copies have been smuggled into prison and are providing secret entertainment for prisoners.

30-A Guide to the Sorcery Springs

This has a helpful map of the Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin, a copy of the National Park rules about what you can and can't do there, and a general history of the Sorcery Springs National Park as well as tales of those who died there due to stupidity or carelessness.

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