1-Necklace of Control

This sinister necklace when placed on someone's neck controls the person perfectly and makes them act like nothing is wrong. The controlled person can be used for labour, to commit murders and other crimes, or if they are a noble or other figure of power, to rule the area they control in the interest of the one who controls the wearer. Banned because of the horror of it and because royalty and nobility fear it being used against them.

2-Barbed Spears

These barbed spears can be used to tear out a person's entrails with any deep penetrating wound. Banned on the battlefield to lessen the horror of war.

3-Melcron's UnHoly Fire

When cast, this fire spell is large enough to incinerate an opposing army, but gets out of control and burns an area for dozens of miles around., killing large numbers of civilians. What is more, nothing can grow in the burnt areas for several years. Banned because of the effect it has on innocent civilians.

4-Belligerent Magic Sword

This sentient talking blade is continually insulting random people trying to get it's owner into fights with people and animals not caring who or what they are. It may give a bonus in combat, but many would say the sheer aggravation and the trouble it causes makes it frankly not worth having. For an unknown reason it has a particular hatred for law enforcement. Banned because of this.

5-Sceptre of Undead Command

Made of human bones, this sinister sceptre, when in the hands of a necromancer of sufficient power, will enable the control of all kinds of lesser undead including Ironbones although it is not strong enough to control the Greater Undead such as litches. Currently it is in the hands of Zadok the Lich, who can control whole companies of undead with it. Sadly for the PCs, unless there are any necromancers amongst them this will grant them very little power. Banned in all countries whose rulers are against necromancy.

6-Nuclear Hand Grenades

When thrown these kill the thrower and everyone within two hundred feet and fill an area a mile wide with deadly radiation that takes a year to fully dissipate. Banned to lessen the chance of terrorists getting hold of them and causing havoc.

7-Heavy Crossbow

Can penetrate the finest armours, and banned by the nobility who do not want to end up shot dead by some common peasant, and who also fear peasant revolts by those beneath them armed with this weapon. Since all the nobility have an interest in banning it, whatever side they are on, the ban has so far been surprisingly effective, at least in keeping this weapon off the battlefield.

8-Want It Need It

This spell, when cast on some small trinket, causes everyone within sight of it to fight to the death over it and is banned because of the sheer chaos not to mention the deaths and injuries that it can cause.

9-Rotter Sword

This highly dangerous blade introduces gangrene to any wound that it makes so that even a nick from it can cause potentially deadly blood poisoning. The owner should be very careful when touching the blade of his or her sword as it will infect him or her as well given the chance. Banned because of the general horror of it.

10-The Xan-Axe

The great magical boon of the Xan-Axe is the unshakable bravery that it grants to it's user, both in battle and in other situations. The holder of the Xan-Axe will never feel fear, even when perhaps they should. Unfortunately, at least in the hands of mortal beings, it has an equal bane, and that is that very quickly after the first use of the Xan-Axe it's owner only feels brave whilst in direct contact with it. If it is stolen, confiscated or just mislaid, the owner will rapidly become a quivering coward scared of the slightest thing. The owner effectively needs the Xan-Axe to face the problems of daily life and cannot do without it for any length of time. Banned because of the bad effects it has on whoever holds it.

11-The Black Death

Created by racist South African scientists in the last decade of apartheid, this is a virus that has no affect on white people but attacks the brains of non whites, causing them to become insane and homicidal within days. Never used and banned because of the horror and the sheer nastiness and racism of a race specific weapon, this was officially destroyed soon after it's creation but there are rumours that samples of it remain somewhere.

12-Princess Amelia's Love Potion

Created by a princess with two obsessions, magic and romantic love, it was banned for a few reasons. First, rampant misuse by people putting it into people's drinks. Second, it has no antidote and has turned normal people into stalkers and kidnappers. Third, it makes someone stay with their love interest no matter how unsuitable or indeed violent he or she is.

13-Melchitt's Invisible Knife of Hidden Doom

This knife has an invisibility spell cast on it so it can be carried where weapons are banned, but that means it is easy to lose this if you forget where you put it and even to cut yourself looking for it. It is a very good knife for committing assassinations, and was banned in most areas for this reason, even in otherwise weapon friendly areas.

14-NapStar's Music Stealer

A spell made by the rogue wizard NapStar, this spell copies live music flawlessly and when recast replays it as often as the caster wants. Banned after the Musicians Guild bitterly complained that it's use was causing bards ,minstrels, and other music makers to lose a lot of money.

15-Animate Tools

This useful spell can be used to animate up to twenty tools at once. They cannot be used as weapons, but the spell was banned after all the Guilds and the local authorities claimed that it would cause mass unemployment and a huge rise in the number of beggars and thieves.

16-Animate Swords

This spell can animate up to thirty swords who then can be sent to murder a named person and it was banned after being used for several murders. The swords are individually quite clumsy and easy to parry, and only attack named targets, but it is their numbers and the fact that only breaking the blades of the swords can 'kill' them that make them so dangerous.

17-Selena's Spell of Super Silence

This spell gags everyone who wanders within fifty feet of it, for several hours. Obviously banned for ordinary people because robbers, murderers, rapists and other criminals would no doubt misuse it, it was also banned for theatre owners after a fire broke out in a theatre and killed hundreds of people because it could not be warned about in time. Now only High Court Judges can legally possess and cast it.

18-The Hakensword

The Hakensword is a unique magical weapon that can kill Divine beings when they are summoned to this mortal plane, and was used once to kill a malevolent God of Chaos. It is kept locked up in the Royal Treasury and it's use is internationally banned except in a true world spanning emergency.

19-The Mage Scrope's Healing Spell

The Mage Scrope's healing spell is very effective, but it is banned because it transfers the injury, illness or infection to a random person a mile away and makes him or her suffer it instead.

20-The Magical Scrolls of Poorn

Whilst not entirely banned, the magical scrolls of Poorn are banned from workplaces, prisons and schools because they contain magical pornography that is custom-made for whoever looks at them.

21-No firearms

The Empire of Ka-Phum bans firearms even for it's army, although one day either the Emperor will have to partly lift the ban or his country will be conquered. At the time period the ban was given, firearms were clumsy one shot muskets.

22-No swimming

The waves of Halenka beach are so dangerous that all but the very finest surfers are banned from surfing them. The danger is so great that the beach is used us an execution site and convicted murderers are forced into the sea there. The sea is a kind of weapon there against would be invaders.

23-Smetona's Sickness Spell

Smetona's Sickness Spell makes someone horribly ill for ten days-but if they survive they never get ill again for the rest of their lives. Banned first because there is a 40% death rate, second because the survivors cannot get ill but they can and do still spread illness to anyone who gets within infection range and third because someone used it as a weapon of war and treaties later banned such magical biological weapons.

24-Disney Magic

This form of magic warps the entire nearby area into a Walt Disney like world for miles around. Crowds of people suddenly find themselves breaking out into random songs and complicated dance routines against their will. Kisses suddenly make women pregnant or make them fall in love with the kisser. Military forts become huge multi towered palaces where the garrison is suddenly far too small to hold the walls successfully. Animals talk and brooms come to life and flood houses with buckets of unwanted water. Queen Yocasta once took a small castle by having a court wizard heal a blind man, causing a castle meant for a garrison of 150 men to turn into a giant royal palace ten miles in diameter. With the garrison now stretched really thin it was easy for her army to scale the walls. On top of that she had a ready made royal palace to rule from. Banned in times of peace by everybody because of the effects it causes.

25--Create Antimatter

This spell creates a few grains of antimatter. Banned because it blows up a huge area the size of a city if cast, as well as the caster.

26-Spiked Armour

Banned in certain countries because it has been worn in the past by dangerous criminal gangs.

27-Pen knife

On the surface this looks like a pen and it is possible to write with it, but only the top inch is a pen, the rest of it is a scabbard for a concealed knife designed to be smuggled anywhere except through an X ray machine. Although short the blade is perfectly capable of killing someone if it hits the right part of the body. The sort of thing that James Bond might have. Again, banned in most areas because it can so easily be smuggled into areas where weapons are banned and used for murders and hijackings.

28-Work For Me

This spell compels people to work for the caster although it cannot be used to make the affected people fight for the caster. Banned in all areas which ban slavery.

29-Prison Shank

A toothbrush that has had part of it melted down with a lighter and two sharp razor blades inserted, this can give nasty cuts that take a long time to heal. By leaving the blades in excrement or a bulb of garlic, the wounds it gives will quickly get infected. Prisoners have been making DIY weapons since the first prisons were constructed and used to hold them. Banned because for obvious reasons it is illegal for prisoners to own weapons.

30-We Are Family

Spell that enables someone to be treated as a family member of the person or persons who the spell is cast on. Banned to stop people infiltrating the royal or noble families using it.

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