These were originally included in a list of 30 power armors, but the format and information provided simply became too large, and was going to create a 30 that was going to be too big to read, and more frustratingly, too big to finish. The UAC power armors are examples of generic power armor suits for the Cosmic Era, and as such, there are going to be plenty of variations of them made in other countries, by other corps, and the only things that would functionally change would be the name on the can, and the color of the wrapper. Included below are 6 standard type power armors, a General Issue model, Energy weapon model, Heavy weapons model, Flight capable model, a Medic suit, and a standard issue civilian construction model.

UAC Standard Multi-Role Power Armor Suit Mark 35

The UAC Mk. 35 is the best example of the jack of all trades power armor suit. It has medium grade armor plating, and isn't designed for any single specific purpose. The Mk. 35 lacks integrated weaponry, and instead is supported by a large selection of bolt on equipment and oversized rifle style weapons for the suit wearer. The typical Mk. 35 mounts an over-under multi-weapon, typically a heavy automatic rifle and grenade launcher.

The MRPAS.35 is the latest in mass produced battle suits used by the Atlantic Federation. Principally manufactured in Great Britain, these suits can be found in AtFed garrisons, marine detachments, and in terrestrial locations as mundane as Ohio and Kentuckiana in North America, to war-torn Zaire, to the red rocks of Mars or silent surface of the Moon. The MRPAS is well known for it's massive selection of accessories, upgrades, modification kits, and available weapon packages. It can be easy to write the MRPAS.35 off as a mundane and unnoteworthy piece of war equipment. Without being flashy, the 35 is one of the best mass produced suits on the market. It is solid, robust, reliable, easy to maintain, and with it's catalog of parts, there is no telling what a soldier or mercenary might be packing.

The Hitman Clark G.Hunter utilized a MRPAS.34 augmented with an enhanced computer system, optical cloaking device and carried a coilgun with underslung plasma cannon.

The 1151st Martian Heavy Guard favors the MRPAS.35, adding an enlarged power pack, torso armor plating, and carrying the Jaguar 40mm battle cannon. This conventional cannon has an impressive damage potential, as well as range and armor defeating ability with the right munitions. The MRPAS must assume a shooting stance to fire the gun, and cannot 'shoot and scoot'.

UAC High Energy Weapons Platform Armor Suit Mk. 9

The HEWPAS.9 was designed for the sole purpose of carrying high energy weapons into combat. Lasers and masers are considered low energy weapons and generally are able to contain their own internal power supply. Plasma weapons, and lightning based weapons require more power, and often cannot run on batteries other than as one shot and hold out weapons. The HEWPAS series are heavy power armors that mount capacitors and a small but robust power generator, allowing them to function as shock troops or hunter-killer teams. The HEWPAS has thicker armor plating, and additional thermoablative materials to handle the heat and backdraft from the high energy weapons they carry.

The HEWPAS.9 was debuted in the African theatre after one of the larger dimensional rift/storm from events happened in Zaire. The original storm front persisted for 19 days before closing on its own, but not before a large amount of ordnance was expended containing it. The storm front was characterized by large numbers of small highly aggressive extra-dimensional beings that proved more than capable of tearing apart standard armored infantry and proved a match for conventional powered armor infantry.

The Stormriders Mercenary unit equips HEWPAS.9 power armor with Bumrush Jump packs and twin barrel arm mounted flame cannons. Relatively mundane arcanotech weapons, the flamecannons blur the line between flamethrower and plasma cannons, and are devastating against unarmored non-ablative foes.

Ed 'Toasty' Boone is a freelancer currently working out of the Sea-Tac arcoplex and favors a cosmetically styled HEWPAS.8 armed with a curved hyperedge blade and a forearm mounted plasma carbine. Toasty is a bounty hunter/executioner/shadowrunner.

UAC Heavy Weapons Platform Power Armor Suit Mk. 11

The HWPPAS.11 is a newer heavy power armor developed and deployed by the UAC, its affiliates and the Atlantic Federation military. The HWPPAS is 20% larger than the standard power armor suit, with most of this mass going into increased mobility and strength equipment, allowing the unit to carry substantially heavier weapons than the standard suit. This comes at a cost, as the HWPPAS is not able to mount jump or enhanced mobility equipment like the other power armors produced by the UAC. The HWPPAS has the standard ability to pick up power armor rifle style weapons, as well as having arm mounted weapons, and it has a single hardpoint over the left shoulder pauldron. The basic HWPPAS is armed with a standard over-under rifle, and a shoulder mounted power armor battle cannon, typically a high velocity 40mm conventional cannon or a 20mm coil gun.

The HWPPAS is the new replacement for the aging Badger heavy battle suit. The Badger was simply an oversized power armor suit, and lacked the shoulder or forearm mounts used by the newer HWPPAS.11. Badgers were intended to only be a stop gap measure, but remained in service for almost 20 years while the HWPPAS went through its teething issues. The newer power armor suit is being phased into service, while the Badgers are being sent to scrap, sold to secondary markets, or used in live fire testing.

The Black Dragon is a professional mercenary in Europe who made a name for himself first in the Badger and now sporting the newest HWPPAS. The Dragon favors a progressive edge 'plasma ax' melee weapon and forearm mounted light automatic coil guns. The Dragon's flame come from the over the shoulder mounted plasma cannon. The Dragon is currently hunting for the Armas leadership in southern France along with several counter-insurgency teams.

The Iron Grenadiers, a power armor company long associated with Amerikka Command has gained access to HWPPAS power suits and have started fielding them with conventional heavy battle cannons and gatling guns, much to the dismay of the Federation Anti-Terror Agency.

UAC Enhanced Mobility Power Armor Suit Mk. 77

The EMPAS.77 is a problem ridden design, as it attempts to make a limited flight capable light power armor. Various attempts have been made, power armor with fixed wings, and folding wings (The Mk. 23 'Lightyear' proved disastrous as the wings were prone to locking failures, especially if they were deployed in a fall.) heavy jump and jet packs (The Mk. 37 Rocketeer was found to be very explodey) and eventually settled on a functional if inelegant design in the 70 series. The EMPAS.77 has a large twin pod jet pack with stubby fixed wings and a central mounted A-Pod. The pod allows the suit to hover and float with ease, while the wings provide aerodynamic control, and the thrusters give much greater speed than the A-pod alone could provide. The EMPAS.77 is still a temperamental and expensive piece of equipment and generally only fielded by elite and high end military units.

The EMPAS.77 has light armor, usually aerospace grade, and its ability to carry weaponry in limited. The jet pack prevents carrying holstered or sheathed melee weapons and shoulder mounted gear, and the rigors of flight are not suited to carrying the long heavy guns favored by power armors. The 77 will either have hip holstered power armor 'pistols' or affix forearm mounted light weaponry. 77s favor small calibre or low energy weapons for weight savings and limited drain on their power cores.

The Bloodwings are a small cadre of mercenary bounty hunters who track high profile targets like rogue parapsychics and cyborgs. They use their flight capability to catch their targets in transit, often bringing down the entire craft to bag one mark. The Bloodwings are considered war criminals and largely only work out of SE Asia and Polynesia. Bloodwing EMPAS.77s carry arm mounted laser carbines and hand mounted hyperedge blades.

The Reaper is the holovision persona of Colt Luger Garand, a gun slinging crime fighter and womanizer who jets around Neon City in a 77 emblazoned with his personal star and crossbones logo. The Reaper itself is mounted with a long range laser sniper rifle, shoulder mounted missile launchers (all Hollywood) a smart LAI (more Hollywood) and laser nunchucks.

UAC Emergency First Responder Power Armor Suit

The EFRPAS was originally designed and fielded as a multi-role power armor based off of the then going into retirement/scrap Mk. 20 standard battle armor. The suit was deweaponized, and its weapon kit was replaced with medical equipment, the most notable being the Auto-Doc system and the BioGel dispenser. The suit retained its armor protection and enhanced strength and equipment compatibility.

The Auto-Doc system is a diagnostic suite with deployable automatic triage equipment. The system is controlled by a medical LAI that has robotic arms and tools to perform very basic medical procedures in the field, ranging from stitching wounds, removing bullets and shrapnel, and administering drugs and compounds as needed. The BioGel dispenser uses the same chemical compounds as cloning systems and can be used to rapidly stabilize wounds, stop bleeding, and preventing further trauma from moving a wounded patient. In the Cosmic Era, most weapons are fairly lethal, so often the main thing combat medics do is put the injured out of their misery. BioGel does reduce the number of deaths from plasma and other burns, but the EFRPAS does its best work in disaster relief and search and rescue operations.

The EFRPAS is a refit of standard power armor, so there are dozens of variations of the unit. These are typically outdated power armor suits, in terms of armor protection, electronics, or are just showing their age. The EFRPAS is normally issued as both a kit to retrofit existing armors, or as an in house modification done on back stock or repaired units. Some mercenary companies field ERFPAS units, and these are typically armed with either light melee weapons or the same pistol style weapons used by EMPAS troopers.

UAC Standard Construction Power Hard Suit Main Model A

The SCPHS-A or more commonly but incorrect SCPAS-A is a construction aspected powered hard suit. It is suited for major construction operations and in the Atlantic Federation is used alongside industrial and construction mecha in the building of arcologies and other megastructures. The suit has a 24 hour power cell, air recirculators, and communications system in the helmet. It is valuable since it allows for more dangerous work to be done, and for work to be done much more quickly.

The SCPHS-A is copied around the world, often to the point of the name just being filed off of it, and is used in military applications, as a repair and salvage suit, an industrial assembly vehicle, and a search and rescue vehicle. It on occasion sees military operations, as it's hand actuators are capable of using conventional power armor weapons and non-powered melee weapons. It is more common to see SCPHS conscripts using improvised clubs and cudgels in times of civil unrest and violence. This is rare in times of military operations, as the SCPHS only has commercial grade armor, and while able to withstand riots and tear gassing, it cannot stand up to military grade firearms.

The SCPHS is a regular sight in New Nuyork, where the bright yellow suits are associated with the relentless construction that goes on in the city. The various groups of workers are divided into sections based on previous projects, work experience, and ratings from the various construction corporations. The resulting groups have their own self identification, much like gangs of the petroleum era, complete with tattoos, and insignia for their hard suits.

The Main Model B is a space operations hard suit and has a 72 hour power pack, and a thust assist back pack unit for mobility in case the user is separated from his work zone. These hard suits are most commonly used for constructing space stations and habitats and working on the ships of the Atlantic Federation Black Navy.

Alan Gathers became a local and folk hero in the Siege of St. Louis when Amerikka Command's 1st Armored Viper company attempted to isolate and occupy the city. Gathers organized his construction company, consisting of 14 SCPHSs assisted by half as many police hard suits, into a resistance force. While the other workers would take up arms from the police and militia arsenal, Gathers made use of a ten foot long monopole iron beam. Through the conflict, Gathers repeatedly led his band of vigilantes on smash and grab jobs against the Amerikka Command HQ. He destroyed a dozen skeletrons with his makeshift weapon, while his crew proved more than able to hold their own with improvised heavy rifles and makeshift mortars. By the time the St. Louis Grenadiers, 1st Battalion organized and destroyed the 1st Armored Vipers, more than half of Gathers' men were dead or wounded. Gathers was awarded civic recognition, and his company was honored with a two tier increase in rating, and had their then badly damaged SCPHSs replaced with brand new machines.

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OCP is currently in litigation against UAC over the UAC 'Goliath' program which has been stolen from the OCP ED-209 series of police droids.