The Typhoon

Typhoon is a warship, one of the first built, because of this the engines are outdated and produce EMP which will kill any non-shielded electronics within 5000 feet. 6 Legs can extend out of the sides giving it a slow, walking ability. It also uses a jump engine that extends from the bottom of the craft and uses a huge amount of force to send it blasting up out of the atmosphere, the shock of this “jump” is tremendous, sending shock waves that can fell trees up to a mile away and can still be felt nearly 50 miles away. Another unique thing about this craft is that it has two engine rooms, on a normal warship the two would be compressed into one and the engines linked to that. The main engine room is where the engine that powers the “Jump” is. The secondary engine room is where the spaceflight engines are powered from, these are very in-efficient consuming much more fuel than necessary and requiring that plasma suits be worn in the engine room in case of any leaks caused by overloading the dazzling array of rubber tubes and hoses used to transmit the tremendous amount of force to the engines. Now for the weaponry, on the prow of the ship is a set of miniguns that can be controlled by the pilot, also on board are numerous crates of high explosives, handguns, rifles, grenades and machine guns, this is just the weaponry stored in the cargo hold. On duty at any one time there are Glider Bombs, normal bombs, several mounted cannons, numerous mounted machine guns, about 100-250 short-range missiles and 50 long-range ones, that should give you an idea of the size of this thing. Also on board are the barracks for nearly 500 soldiers and 100 engineers. It also has VIP rooms for diplomats and the pilot, who has to go through several years of training just to LOOK at it. The armor of the Typhoon is very thick, capable of surviving a direct hit from a alpha airstrike with minimal damage. If infantry ever get close to this thing it will open fire with its short-range missiles and open its bay doors so the infantry can get a good shot with the mounted machine guns. In extreme situations it can also use its jump ability but lock onto the ground to effectively blast away enemy troops, this maneuver is extremely dangerous though and will result in 3 days of repairs and no motors at the least. The ship was first spotted on planet Tarus in year 3026 crashing through the jungle destroying several bases the local military had set up. Soon the story spread and rumors started popping up all over the galaxy about the Typhoon landing on hundreds of planets across many systems only a few of these stories turned out to be true, several cities had been destroyed by the Typhoon were found and all of them had one thing in common, they had military installments created by the old empire. Soon the empire began seeking out the Typhoon, they where only successful in finding it once and once they did they send about 50,000 men to attack it, the transmissions told this story: “When they encountered the ship above the planet they where immediately attacked by mounted cannon, destroying several ships immediately and causing about 5,000 of the attacking force to be immediately depressurized and killed. Then the Typhoon cut their engines, plummeting to the surface and creating a large crater where it landed. The ships stormed the Typhoon inflicting minimal damage and taking another 10,000 casualties. Then the transports landed and infantry stormed out, the battle was short, all 200 short-range missiles fired at once, engulfing the Typhoon in a cloud of smoke and decimating most of the army. Any survivors where finished off by the machine guns manned by the surviving crew of the Typhoon.” The crew of the typhoon was down to 256 from 600, most where killed by the shock of landing on the planet with no cushioning, others where killed in airstrikes but these where mostly the exposed gun crews that where not fast enough to take cover against the strikes. When the old empire sent another battalion of troops to scout the typhoon had jumped to orbit, leaving only flaming wreckage and bodies where the 50 thousand troops used to be.

It has been nearly 200 years since that event and the Typhoon has never been seen again, except by drunks wandering through town at night.

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