They say a single weilder is strong. That one could take on a platoon. How about a few dozen, like the ones that reside in the warens, homes to the weilders. In such a place an attack by even a full army would be a foolhardy decision.


Organization: Waren Lord - Leader of a given waren. Waren lords oversee the training process and are the only ones with the power to accept new students. Waren lords are chosen as much for their skill as their wisdom. They tend to be a bit older, at least middle aged. There is only ever one waren lord for a waren. Wazari( wuh- zar- ee) - These are the trainers. They are weilders that continue to live in the waren and spend their days training the future weilders. They can suggest a child to become a trainee, but they lack the power of actually authorizing training. There is typically around 5 Wazari in a given waren. Trainees - Those that hope to become weilders are called trainees. Children taken in from all over and preteens that were raised in the warens make up this group. On average a waren will have around 20 trainees at a time.


Life in a waren:

The youngest trainees spend most of the day doing chores for the upkeep of the waren. They spend an hour in the morning, afternoon, and evening, usually after meals, meditating. They must learn control, discipline, and focus before they are to be taught even the simplest of techniques. Once this phase is accomplished they will begin hand-to-hand martial training. Many will spar with fellow students. They spend several hours a day meditating and performing katas. Graduation from this phase means succeeding in an outnumbered fight. They then begin training on their energy spheres and honing skills. They are expected to spend a minimum of two hours on this, while during the day they must also continue regular kata practice and meditation.

  Wazari spend there time overseeing the trainees. They make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to. They also train the students in all forms of the weilder's art and their waren's specific martial style. Once a week wazari go to the nearest city or village to get supplies. They may take a more advanced student with them so that student can learn about life outside of the waren. Eventually every student gets this chance. Waren lords choose and oversee the trainees. They become more involved in training once a trainee begins to get to advanced power usage. They are the leader and so also keep up with the other warens and occasionally must participate in politics of the land the waren lies in to keep the waren.

 Selection: Most trainees are orphans that are found by wazari as they travel back and forth from the waren and the rest of the world. An orphan that seems to have a fire in their eyes can be brought back to the waren to be viewed by the lord of that waren. The waren lords are said to be capable of peering into a person and seeing their energy. Waren lords say that when they see the right energy they will accept another student. The wazari are good at selecting and so few children brought before a waren lord are rejected. Trainees must be young when selected. The oldest taken in was 10 years old and the cutoff is usually 12. Most students come in at around 6.


Notable Warens:


Ezreus Waren - Lord Adinus leads the Ezreus Waren. Here the martial style is very close quarter combat. Use of knees and elbows is heavy. The style practiced disdains grappling and teaches its students to avoid grappling techniques. Ezreus Waren is located out in the wilds of the plains region. The nearest city, Ezora, is a good two day hike. Adinus made a deal with the Ezoran king to allow the waren to be there and have no outside interference in return for giving aid if Ezora's lands are invaded. Ezreus waren could have easily destroyed any attempt Ezora could make at it, however Lord Adinus disdains unnecessary blood shed and so sought and came to a peaceable agreement.

Olrik Waren - Led by Lord Quemei. Olrik Waren students learn a combat style akin to judo. It is welcoming of grappling and throws. Olrik waren is located in the snowy north lands. There is no nearby city, instead there are villages dotted around the region of Olrik. Some of the villages are quite large, but even the largest is no city. Lord Quemei has form a peaceable agreement with her neighbors.

Menos'Ari Waren - Led by Lord Anak'Ri. The martial style here is heavy in movement and uses acrobatics to its advantage. Students of this art like wide open space to move around and dazzle opponents. The art is also heavy in the use of kicking techniques. Menos'Ari is located in the great desert. The nearest city, Menos, is a 3 day hike away. Menos'Ari Waren is on a more neutral stand with Menos city. They have not made any peaceable agreements, but they also have had no threats on either side.

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