The land around Far Tragin is full of dangerous beasts and monsters of the north. Yet somehow Far Tragin has avoided destruction when there are surely enough monsters to destroy the village. The Goblins and Ogres of the frozen tundra terrorize the lands and have attacked on several occasions, but never in enough numbers to destroy the village.

Upon arrival in Far Tragin the PCs notice a wounded town guard running through the streets. He bumps into them and exclaims that he must get to the mayor and them mumbles something about a great host of creatures as he hurries away. The next day, the mayor comes to the PCs and asks to speak with them in private. He says that the town is in grave danger, a kind of danger it has never been in before.

The mayor, named Gregorin, explains that when his father founded the town he made a deal with the Frost Giants of the Frost Land, six days journey to the north. Gregorin says that this is how the town was able to be built so far north. His father's name was Vehast and he possesed a powerful magical stone. Vehast was a great explorer, he journeyed far into the north lands, even into Frost Land. Previous to that, nobody had ever returned from Frost Land alive. Frost Land is ruled by Frost Giants and to enter means to incur their wrath. However, Vehast was very clever and he offered to use his stone to help the Frost Giants in exchange for free passage. Frost Giants, although violent and mistrusting of humans, are quite intelligent. They accepted his deal, and Vehast was allowed to pass through Frost Land freely, each time stopping to help the giants with his stone. Gregorin states that the stone was difficult to use and simply killing Verhast and taking it would do the giants no good becuase they did not know how to use it. Gregorin also says that he has no idea what exactly the stone did.

Verhast returned to visit the giants many times and, they developed a mutual respect for each other. As he was getting old, Verhast decided that it was time to settle down. However, his love of the north did not fade, so he saught to build a town in the Northern wastes where he could retire. The problem was that the wastes are very dangerous, full of Goblins and Orges. He returned to the giants to speak with Hrekdinprenal, their chieften. Verhast offered to give the stone to the giants and show them how to use it if they would prevent any army from attacking his town. Hrekdinprenal agreed, and Verhast was able to trust him because Frost Giants are actually quite noble and Hrekdinprenal was especially so. Verhast departed and founded Far Tragin where he later died in peace.

Gregorin says that since then the Frost Giants have kept their word and no army of any considerable size has attacked Far Tragin. However, he tells the PCs that his scouts have found a large army of Goblins forming and no sign of the Frost Giants taking any action. Gregorin says that he has never actually spoken with the giants himself but trusted in them as his father did. He says that the town has no hope of defeating this forming army, only the Frost Giants can defeat them. He beseaches the PCs to go to Frost Land and speak with Hrekdinprenal to determine why the giants do not destroy the army and to remedy the situation.

This plot has many potential directions from here. After a rough journey through the Northen Wastes in which the PC are attacked by many groups of Goblins and Ogres, they arrive at Frost Land and meet the giants. From here there are a number of potential scenarios depending on the level of the PCs. One scenario is that a White Dragon has stolen the stone and the giants are unwilling to attpemt to retrieve it. If the PCs retrieve the stone from the dragon, the giants will stop the Goblin army. In another scenario, Hrekdinprenal has been usurped by another giant and the PCs must convice him or help Hrekdinprenal regain his power. In the end, the giants defeat the Goblin army and renew their pledge to Far Tragin. Hrekdinprenal may form a bond with the PCs and invite them to return to visit him, which could lead to many more adventures.

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