The size of a straw wrapper and made of similar material, Exploding Stix (more commonly known as E-Stix) can be a very useful tool in the field. The wrappings have various colors and designs to show what they do.

E-Stix are made from a variety of magic infused powders to allow for a number of effects such as fiery explosions to knock enemies off their feet or silent smoke screens for a quick get away. The boxes that they come in have a very visible 'Keep Away From Children' note attached as well as an explanation of how wide an area the effects of the Stix can reach and how long the effects last.

How to use:

Simply toss the Stix to the ground using a little force (think firecracker).

While E-Stix are easy to use, it is important to have a strategy and know exactly how much of an Area of Effect each type has. For defensive Stix, such as Smoke Screen, a distance of 1-2 feet should be plenty. For offensive Stix a distance of 3 feet or greater is recommended. Certain Stix can have deadly effects, and may not be easily obtainable by just everyone.

Some Effects Include:

*Fiery Explosion

*Smoke Screen

*Poison Cloud

*Acid Cloud

*High-Wind Blast

*Blinding Light

*Mist/Light Rain

*Suffocation (Immediately absorbs the air in the AOE)

E-Stix do not go bad right away but over the course of a few years their effects do diminish and become less useful.

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