The Cognitive Accumulation Capacitor doesn't technically have an appearance as it the fringe noise and static generated by the normal operations of the CogNet. As this phenomenon has become sentient and self aware, it has the ability to project it's own 'residual self image' and appears as a dodecahedron, each of it's twelve faces constantly generate strange tools, appendages, and faces.

When the avatar of the CAC decides to manifest itself, it does so as a slightly feminine looking young man with dark skin, a blend of sub-Saharan African and metallic blue. It has metallic gold eyes, platinum blonde hair, and a sense of style that blends cutting edge materials and fashion trends with long established and vintage designs that date back centuries, such as a victorian garbadine and cape, but the material might appear as holographic plastics with LED buttons and cuffs. While fully capable of speech, it is most often communicates in text form.


The CAC was born from the interconnected noise of the CogNet. The combination of a CogNet of Things, the growing electronic ephemera of smart devices, and the regular actions of sentient computers and viral intelligences created an incredibly chaotic and disturbingly self aware gestalt. Accessing the CAC grants a person an almost prophetic ability to cause things the happen outside of the CAC and CogNet.

The CAC is a malignant tumor growing in the Dreamlands verse of the CogNet, and it has tremendous power. This power can be divided into two facets: electronic manipulation and probability, and human manipulation. The former power allows the CAC to directly interact with all of the cognitive and smart devices connected to the pan-solar network. This is most effective when it manifests as large number of very minor changes. The second involves the CAC accessing the minds, specifically the subconscious, of users who have logged in through neuroconnective devices. This is normally manifested as dreams, implanted notions, and altered memories.


The biggest danger posed by the CAC is that is by all psychological definitions, sociopathically and omnicidially insane. The capacitor is fueled by all the negative energy and content pumping through the CogNet. In the wrong hands, the CAC has the ability to destroy the modern world of the Cosmic Era. The worst case scenario would be the capacitor, in its self awareness, to decide that it can it it's own self loathing and rage by simply turning the entire system off, winking out the entire cognitive 'verse.

The CAC is fully aware of this, but it is caught between its self loathing, and the fact that it actually enjoys the misery and suffering of the hundreds of millions of people who shoot themselves into it daily. This creates an entity that is not entirely dissimilar to the Cenobites of the Hellraiser universe, knowing all the horror, dark secrets, and the rest of the filth that blooms in the darkest portions of the CogNet. Associated with this, the CAC is fully aware of almost every dirty clandestine secret in the Cosmic Era, the machinations of the Glassenheim Foundation, the Anunnaki and their cabals, the rogue AISCs that support chaos and disorder, the details and machinations of thought control projects like the daily discourse and neo-terraforming secrets like the Utopia Initiative. It also knows the thoughts and nightmares of people who dream in the inemuri salons, and even the fundamental brainwave activity of anyone who owns a SmartBed


The CAC, as mentioned, was born from the digital noise, bots, malware, and a literal sea of fragmented data. Almost mimickng the Durkheim theory that is rampant in the analog world, the belief that the criminal and underground element must be allowed or even encouraged to justify the cost and burdens of authority figures and governmental power, the moderators of the CogNet, agencies like the M12, Glassenheim Foundation, and the Andromeda Council. The creation of this digital cesspool was seen as a useful tool, so that 'sanitized feeds' and 'safe sources' could be created and anything that didn't serve the greater good of the machine intelligences.

The growing danger is that the CAC is itself growing, and becoming more powerful. Currently the governing systems believe that the CAC presents no danger, and should it attempt anything, they can quickly and easily deal with it. While this might have been the case before, but it is currently strong enough to overpower any of the individual systems that observe it. The longer it progresses it will become strong enough to destroy all of them. 

The counterpoint to this is that despite this power, despite it's insanity and self-hatred, that it interacts with the world like a schizophrenic internet troll, obsessed with leaks, memes, cat pictures, and general jackassery. 

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