Full Item Description
The Bloody Bow is an ornate longbow, carved from an unknown species of redwood, stained with the color of blood. The bow is intricately carved, with channels and other designs going from end to end. On the bottom end of the bow is the mark of a master craftsman, with a defiling mark crossing through the man's mark.

The Bow first came to the world through the designs of one of Lokatt, the God of Conflict. Lokatt at first wanted to tame Blood Beasts, using them to promote conflict and strife. However, even the God's attempts failed. He then turned to allowing one of his followers to emulate such a beast. Lokatt commissioned the work to the craftsman Corran, knowing that Corran's skills surpassed his own in such matters. Appearances of the bow have been fleeting and rare, with no single owner being able to keep the bow (or his head) for very long after acquiring the bow. The owners who possess the bow for longer periods of time undoubtedly passed into legend, such as Lord Kelnor of the House of Drummer, who used the bow to decimate the ranks of Alduk's Army, which was currently trying to break into his castle's innermost keep.

Magic/Cursed Properties
When first used to attack another creature in combat, the bow will exact payment in blood from the wielder of the bow- causing equal damage to the wielder as done to the target. The Bow only exacts the initial blooding once, however, should the wielder fumble or halter while making an attack (critical fumbles in my games), the bow will exact a price in through another taking of blood. After the initial blooding, the Bloody Bow will only fire an arrow for the blooded individual- until that person's blood no longer flows through his veins. Anyone else picking up the bow with an intent to fire it in combat feels an incredible burning sensation moving from the hand holding the bow to the shoulder on the same arm. This burning sensation is the blood in their veins boiling- causing the affected limb to burn from the inside out.

When used by the person the bow is currently blooded to, the Bloody Bow increases the accuracy and damage done by the wielder. The bow also contains charges, which may be recharged in the following manner. Every time a critical hit is rolled for an attack roll, the bow gains a charge. After ten such charges have been built up, the wielder may speak a command word (The specific word has been lost to the ravages of time, however, the word 'kill' is often quoted as being the command word) and become a Blood Beast.

When becoming The Blood Beast, the character starts bleeding from every orifice. The character takes no damage, instead becoming a solid creature composed mostly of blood. The creature is a terrible sight, causing fear to anyone seeing it who lacks in strength of will. The transformation gives the bow wielder incredible strength and stamina, equal to that of a true blood beast. The bow melds into the mass of blood that forms around the wielder during the transformation.

The Transformation lasts but a single combat. Once transformed back into his normal form, the wielder becomes weak for ten hours while he recovers from the after-effects of the transformation. The character is also drenched in blood, drawing carrion birds and other predatory beasts attracted to blood.

The Blood Beast in Combat
Blood beasts generally attack using only their large stature to buffet and bash enemies with walls of moving blood. Blood Beasts are capable of engulfing enemies within their body, crushing the hapless foe within, allowing their blood to flow into the beast- healing it.

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