Just outside the capital city, on one of the nearby hills, is The Campus. The city is growing out to catch up to it.

The Campus is the center of the The Order of Silver Stars. The Silver Stars are the premire healing organization in the world. They possess powerful healing magics and tangible medical skills. For centuries, they have been healing the sick and injured. They are not attached to any diety, nor do they have an apparent agenda other than to relieve suffering in the world. They are here to make the world a better place. They have centers around the world, in every city, many towns, and the occasional village. But it is the Campus that is their primary training facility.

A good sized wall, just over a man's height, surrounds the Campus. The Campus itself is nearly a fourth the size of the City Proper. Inside is contained several multistory buildings (for teaching, administation, dormatories for trainees, apartments for senior members on campus), a meditation temple, two huge gyms (physical fitness and a pacifistic
unarmed self defense art is quite important to the Stars) and the Central Center, where the council oversees the various centers around the world. There is also a large parklike area which has exercise trails, more restful gardens, and gazebos.

There is a hospital center inside the city. Stars commute to the city daily to staff it.

All the buildings are big, tall, and angular, in a style from past ages. There is little in the way of external decorations. That would not be in keeping with the Silver Star's austerity.

The Central Center is a constant center of activity. Messangers, envoys from government and religions, and a huge number of stars travel in and out of it every day. The central rotunda is one of the few artistic areas in the Campus. Decorated in a minimalist style, the cavernous room is where everyone waits. On a raised platform is a large glass sphere with a silver star inside, which illuminates the entire room. On the walls are simple portraits of notable stars. The floor is plain polished marble.

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