SEMDRC is a surprisingly humanitarian hypercorp in the Cosmic Era, and while it's surface motivations are simple, space logistsics and ultimately profit, there is much more to it than that. The Haninah scion family guided SEMDRC from a local freight and logistics company towards the leading edge of space as a resource. This was done with an eye towards the benefit of humanity, and how their work could improve lives. 

The idealism of SEMDRC can be summed up in a single vessel, the SEMDRCSS-1701 Roddenberry. The Roddenberry is a 'large cruiser', an intermediary type of ship larger than any normal cruiser, but not reaching the scale of a battleship. The Roddenberry is very lightly armed, and has minimal aerospace fighter support, but it has a full hospital facility buried in the hull, an advanced CIC and CogNet node, diplomatic amenities, and massive defensive capabilities. This is the flagship of the corp's fleet assets and is considered sovereign territory wherever it goes. The ship is not a base ornament, and is rarely left to rest. When it is not engaged in diplomatic and ambassadorial work, it is doing humanitarian work, relieving distress and disaster areas, and otherwise being a protector and savior. 

Assets and Divisions

Operations: Space Elevators

SEMDRC operates a number of space elevators in the Solar System, the majority being on smaller moons, and such. There are currently no space elevators on earth, and the largest in the Solar System is the Chinese built 'tether-vator' on Huo Hsing which SEMDRC is not associated with. The ACPS 'vater tends to get more news, but it is also not functional, and is constantly dealing with new problems seemingly every other day. In contrast, the smaller SEMDCR space elevators run quietly and efficiently, and are an integral part of the space industrial sector. The corp is currently building their own large test elevators on Ganymede and Callisto, with plans to install several in the Lunar Free States, and eventually Earth. There is a good deal of contention over this, between which states want to host to elevator, and which states would consider it to be a liability and potential ecological disaster.

Operations: Mass Drivers

Mass drivers use magnetic rails to throw cargo into space, and the bulk of the SEMDRC mass drivers are on Mercury, Luna, and Mars. These are used to launch components to finish assembling large ships, space stations, and other goods easier handled in pressurized gravity environments. There are several mass drivers on Earth, and roughly half belong to SEMDRC or are maintained and managed by them, having been built for another party. Almost every space faring nation on Earth either has, or has access to one of these drivers. This is a matter of some diplomatic tension, as this has reduced the value of the mass drivers of other nations, who were jealously protective of their units and restrictive as to who could use them. This allowed them early monopoization of space assets, but SEMDRC's drivers have let almost everyone who wants to get into orbit do so.

Operations: Rockets

Still operating under an antique term, SEMDRC no longer uses combustion based rockets for transit or cargo purposes. Rather, this is the ship division of the corp, and covers their fleet, fleet assets, and the rest. SEMDRC has a large number of ships, Earth orbiting stations, and space ports. The bulk of these are cargo and logistics based, and operate in a lease fashion like most of their elevators and drivers. This has allowed SEMDRC to generate space economic activity for terrestrial nations too poor to have their own space programs or assets, and frees them from having to deal with purchasing retired and worn out gear from other nations. As with the space elevators, this has caused international tension as being independent, SEMDRC has no allegiance to any New Earth Government or New Economic Bloc faction. 

Scientific Division

The Science division of SEMDRC is the technological, engineering, and scientific arm of the corp. It fairly obviously does research and development. The division is not limited to logistic and tech concerns exclusively, but is involved in farming out their systems to underdeveloped nations, assisting in infrastructure planning, medical technology, and the general bettering humanity creed espoused by the Haninah scions.

Energy Division

The Energy Division is devoted to the creation of powerplants and reactors. Mass drivers require large amounts of power, as do space ships, and Energy is at the center of it. This division oversees the regular maintenance and overhauling of powerplants as needed, and does work outside of the corporation. They do built low impact low maintenance clean systems in devastated or developing areas, as well as rebuilding fusion and dimensional reactors for arcologies and ships. 

Medical Division

As a zaibatsu style corp, SEMDRC has its own internal doctors, hospitals, and clinics. 

Logistics and Materials Division

The LogMatDiv is the actual business of what is being moved where, and for who, and for how much. LogMat is not glamorous, but it is what SEMDRC makes its money from. Bulk goods moved through the solar system, tending mining stations, feeding refineries, moving finished goods from offworld factories to cities, and the rest of the web of supply and demand that is the solar economy.

Finance Division

A droll division of inspectors, auditors, office workers, and the internal banking institution of the SEMDRC. Finance is an involved with department budgets, personal payroll, and investment as it is with pan-solar banking and commerce. SEMDRC issued lines of credit are considered the be some of the most reliable assets outside of the Bank of the Red Sun in Nippon, and the New Seibertron Technocredit Union. 

Security Division

Security has the unenviable task of protecting SEMDRC and its assets, ranging from cybersecurity down to armed patrols around installations and on ships. Seeing as this is the division with weaponry, paramilitary ships, and access to mecha and aerospace assets, the administration makes sure that Security is intensely loyal to the corp, and to the ideals of the corp. Otherwise, it would be too easy for a coup to be staged through this division. As a point of reference, if SEMDRC represents the 7th largest economy in the solar system, the security division is the 11th largest military by comparison.

Intelligence Division

A shadowy division, intelligence is predominantly based on keeping tabs on foreign powers and making sure that they do not subvert, usurp, or penetrate SEMDRC and it's component divisions, as well as working with Security Div for their ops, and with the core administration for maintaining the integrity and sovereign status of the corp. 

Entertainment and Communications Division

Entertainment and Communications blend the basic infrastructure for comm systems, the physical elements, and has an interest in producing its own content. The bulk of this content is educational, medically related, and serves the ideals, and is exported accordingly. Some is designed for internal consumption, SEMDRC's own streaming network, news feed, and punditry. This division is not popular outside of the corp, as it is routinely involved in actual journalism, and exposing the daily discourse for what it is. The motto of ECD is Circle The Fnord and Black Out the Nam Shubs

Central Administration Division

Functionally the executive division, CA represents the embassies, offices, public relations, and internal operations of the corp. The Division Heads form the Board of Directions, and they work with the current President of the Corp, a position held by one Haninah or another for the last seventy years. CA also handles personnel, a gargantuan task in an of itself considering the tens of thousands who work for SEMDRC.


SEMDRC has a massive amount of resources, the acquisition, relocation, refinement, allocation, and dispensation of resources is its literal purpose. Having its own medical system, broadcast agency, intelligence agency, fleet, and military, SEMDRC is legally a country unto itself. The majority of its power is held in what assets it controls, and who it allows to use them. Very few countries would antagonize or become aggressive with the corp because it would be easy for the BOD to order their facilities in the aggro country to be shut down with implementation to render the equipment useless on standby. Likewise, rivals and enemies of the aggro power could see themselves given beneficial arrangements. This would all happen as a corp blockade or boycott went into effect while the Corp president would go to Luna to appeal to the Tycho Court and the InterSolar Diplomatic Corps.

There have been three incidents between SEMDRC and hostile powers. The Belt Free States attempted to pressgang corp ships operating the asteroid belt, and force them to join the BFS in their escalating tension with the Five Metal Dragons. SEMDRC withdrew from the area, and cancelled any ore hauling contracts moving raw materials out of the belt and to any refinery. The BFS lost more than half of their revenue, and were forced to negotiate with the Five Metal Dragons, Union Aerospace, and SEMDRC. The corp still keeps belt consignment as a low priority. The second instance involved the EUdAS attempting to nationalize the SEMDRC operated mass driver in Quito, so they no longer had to pay to use it, and could start using it to launch military hardware into space. SEMDRC command codes activated self destruct sequences and the magnetic rail did an inverse fire, blowing itself to pieces, and the reactor was set to overload where it overheated and fused itself into an inert block of half melted metal. EUdAS is still negotiating with SEMDRC on how to compensate the corp for the destroyed equipment and loss of life. The worst instance came with the ACPS attempting to seize dozens of SEMDRC ships that were in Chinese space, as well as every SEMDRC facility within their borders after the defection of the Five Metal Dragons. The corp and the ACPS are on hostile terms, and the August Emperor has issued bounties on the heads of SEMDRC board members and for their ships. The Corp has issued sanctions against the ACPS and this has forced the price of raw materials to drastically increase, hampering that nation's ability to rebuild.

The Great HyperCorp

SEMDRC is one of the preeminent hypercorps in the Solar System, and as most of the other hyercorps are functionally gargantuan banks and holding companies, it is potentially the most important. The Corp has long stood apart from all of the New Earth Governments, as well as the the New Economic Blocs, as the founders of the corp and its current administrative regime maintain a more idealistic stance. The manifesto of the corp is space exploration, colonization, and the elevation of mankind from Earth to being a true multi-planet, and eventually multi-star dwelling species. The problem with the NEGs and NEBs is that joining them means joining their wars and ambitions, and making their enemies the enemy of the corp. 

Internal schisms are a problem inside SEMDRC as there are factions who want the hypercorp to end its isolationist stance and side with one of the world powers, and likewise there are several world powers regularly courting the corp trying to get this as well. The strongest contender for this is the Atlantic Federation, but SEMDRC has remained at arms length, the AtFed is strong, has it's own in house space industry based around Union Aerospace, a seldom friendly rival to SEMDRC. The Federation also has its own internal problems that SEMDRC wants nothing to do with, including hostile rivalries between its executive and intelligence branches. The downside that the corp wants to avoid besides political entanglement is the alienation of close to half of the globe, as the AtFed has made a few enemies in its rise, and it fosters these rivalries to keep their own industries and military sharp, a stance SEMDRC opposes.

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