The Records of the Grand Historian The Records of the Grand Historian of The Land
(Dougus RecordSmith d'Archerous not to be confused by Dougus RecordSmith d'Amar (1820)
1425 pgs, 12 ill. in the standard edition.

This was the magnum opus of Dougus RecordSmith d'Archerous who had written a number of lesser historical pieces. In this work he recounted history of The Known World and Imperium from mythic and pre-imperial times to his present (a mere 130 years ago). As the first true Humanti historical text, it tremendously influenced historiography and prose (comparable to Herodotus and his Historiai). It gives 'facts' and 'details' about the individuals who help shape history, rather than the Elventi 'lyrical' approach, covering the flow of events with no concern to individuals and groups.

The 90 chapter text classifies all information into several categories:

Stellar Faces (22 chapters) contain biographies of prominent rulers of the various tribes and states. It also details the entire Imperial Court and its procss.

True Faces (50 chapters) contains noted rulers and important figures in the guilds, religions, and warfare.

Land Ways (8 chapters) are economic and cultural records of the time covered in the book.

Stairs of time (10 chapters)are timelines of events.

Unlike subsequent official historical texts that adopted a more Elventi doctrine, Dougus's more liberal and objective prose had been renowned and followed by poets and novelists. Most chapters of Faces sections were vivid descriptions of events and persons, a reason for which is that the author critically used stories passed on from antiquity as part of the sources, balancing reliability and accuracy of the records.

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