Special Equipment:

Equipment: Mat wears a blue-dyed leather vest over a black shirt of muslin cloth. Both the shirt and vest have cross like patterns stitched into the back, the vest'€™s blue, and the shirt'€™s white. The vest holds several things in the pockets on its inside, from money to small vials of medicines he might need. Around his neck he wears a silver necklace at the end of which hangs a pendant of a strange looking cat, this necklace allows him to communicate with felines, +50% to hide in shadows, and can be activated in darkened areas granting the wearer nightvision (not in pitch black areas).

Underneath his normal clothing he wears a set of old studded leather armor, which offers good protection and freedom of movement in his line of work. Also around his right arm is a long coil of fishing line, the end is tied around the hilt of a 6-inch throwing knife, which can be slipped into or out of his sleeve. When thrown the dagger can be pulled back to the hand with the wire from about 15 ft. away.

Covering his legs are dark gray baggy cotton pants with thigh length hardened leather leg guards covering the front of each leg. Ankle length boots cover his foot with a steel-toed tip at the end of each, these boots keep the wearer’s feet warm and dry, no matter the weather, and can never wear out. A 9-inch hunting knife is hidden in each, The being who is hit continulesly bleeds until any type of healing spell is cast on him . Around his waist is are two belts, one holding a worn leather bag, which has any items a traveler would need, like food, the other holding his money pouch, throwing knives, and despite his knife artistry a shortsword, glows with a bright green faerie fire when there are enemies within 60’.


Name: Matsuro Hana
Str 14 Int 12 Dex 18 Wis 15 Con 16 Cha 15
Speed: 18
Style: TB
Element: Air
Job: Street Performer / Thief
Class: Knife Artist- Someone who uses knives as a primary weapon. Similar to a swordsman, except instead of a sword, they usually use knives of all sorts, typically in pairs, but sometimes alone. They are very fast, which makes up for their strength typically. Many thieves would be of this class.
Ranger/Thief Abilities: Detect Illuisons 60% ; Open Locks 110%; Find/Remove Traps 110% ; Move Silently 120% ; Hide in Shadows 135%; Detect Noise 85% ; Climb Walls 85%
Non-weapon proficiencies: Alertness, tightrope walking, throwing, appraising, reading/writing, swimming, religion (worship of Buddha), tracking, wilderness lore, survival, healing, alchemy, concentration
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 21

Martial Arts Style: Changjia Quan- requires the use of mentality to facilitate air flows and the use of air flows to create the form of the body. It demands building up energy for concentration which helps gather inner air flows. In combat, a Chang-style fighter stresses the combination of substantialness and emptiness; in exercising, he lets his arms be supple and agile and refrains from using clumsy force; in wrestling, he tries to put one of his front foot behind the opponent; in practising, he should do the routines naturally. The tactics are not to move if the opponent does not move; if the opponent attempts to move he tries to preempt him. The Chang-style fighters try to move first to gain the dominant position and if they happen to move second, they try to make their blows reach the opp-onent first. While outwardly they look calm, they are intense inside. They wait at their ease for their exhausted opponents. Once they are on the move their actions are well connected.

The Changjia Quan stresses both the combination and separation of the hard and supple, the substantial and empty and the positive and negative. The movements of the head should be as fast as dragonflies skimming the water; the actions of their fists should be as powerful and sudden as a goat charging with its horns; their waists should be like chickens and ducks tucking their tails, their footwork should be as fleeting as swallows flying to and fro in the woods. Though Chang-style fighters adopt the might stances of the Ar-hats, their movements are as deft as those of monkeys and apes. Their plays change within strictly arranged routines, combining the mental and physical.

Martial Arts Special Abilities: Circle Kick, Flying Kick, Backward Kick, Choke Hold, Locking Block, Incapacitator, Immobilizing, Feint, Prone Fighting, Immovability, Missile Deflection, Leap, Speed, Slow Resistance, Concentrated Push, Sticking Touch, One Finger, Iron Fist, Crushing Blow, Eagle Claw, Fall, Instant Stand, Hurl, Great Throw, Pain touch, Stunning Touch, Paralyzing Touch, Distance Death, Weapon Catch, Weapon Breaker, Steel Cloth, Meditation, All-around Sight, Mental Resistance, Blind Fighting, Ironskin, Levitation.

Combat/Tactics: Matsuro fights in a two weapon style of his own devising, using elements of both the drow style and the elven bladesong style, as well as his own unique moves. He is a naturally gifted warrior. While few can hope to match his style and level of skill, Matsuro rarely uses his blades for killing in combat. He chooses instead to mark his opponents with small cuts causing their morale to falter, but he will kill if he feels it is necessary. He will sometimes use his dagger to attack while using his sword to parry, but he also switches this approach in order to keep his enemies guessing. He has even been known to throw his dagger into the air, switch his sword to the other hand, and place his foot between his opponents legs, while reaching up to catch his dagger. He is also a deadly shot with his throwing daggers (Hit ratio: 96%).

Description: Mat'€™s face is slender and calm looking with high, thin, eyebrows and amber eyes that accent his tan brown skin perfectly. He has normal length ears pointed at the tips, a gift from his elven heritage, which he hides from public view with a bandana and his shoulder length silver hair, tied into a sloppy ponytail. In light his hair reflects it and shines as if it were almost an aura of holiness. He'€™s not a ladies man but many a woman has fallen for his noble look and charm, making them perfect targets to pickpocket. Mat wears any type of clothing and armor that allow him easy movement, as he is constantly on the move and entertaining crowds at his performances. He'€™s 5'€™4” and weighs about 140
And has a muscular body despite it looking slender and thin. It was made for speed after all, and that easily makes up for his lack of strength.

Personality: It'€™s hard to describe Mat'€™s personality. At times he'€™s calm and another deadly serious. Due to his interaction with large crowds of people he'€™s gotten an outgoing and happy attitude, one that could make you smile even in the darkest of times. Its also one of his greatest weapons. He lure'€™s people into a sense of false security and robs them blind if necessary. He doesn'€™t like robbing, but balancing ales and beer on his head can'€™t bring in all his money. On the job everything'€™s different. He'€™s heartless, silent, and deadly patient, when he picks a target it won'€™t be long before they soon find their money is gone, but by then it would be too late. More than anything he dislikes his past, and he prefers not to talk about it. He'€™s been known to drown the past out with his own ale, should he lose his edge.

Fears and Weaknesses: Mat’s biggest weakness is the subject of his past. and occasionally he tries to put it behind him with ale, but to no avail. Most expect him to be of this coming to light and try to extort him with it'€¦all that have never been seen again. He fears going anywhere near his homeland as his family name has been disgraced and showing his face there would mean certain death. The time when he’s most vulnerable is after he’s drunk, poisoned by alcohol. There was an old hag who cursed Matsuro, so now every full moon he will change into a Satyr till the dawn. As anyone Mat fears death, not by a sword but by disease and or dying of old age, as he sees it dishonorable. (Note- this is going to tie in with a story idea i have for him, with the vampiric diseases and such)


Background: Matsuro was born In Xhamus Ire to an elven mother and a human father. His father brought the bacon in with assassination of leaders that proved threatening to the stability of Volkain'€™s power. It was shady business but it was better than peddling goods. At the time Matsuro was born his father was long gone out of the '€œbusiness'€? and had acquired quite an amount of money, but people kept coming to him with jobs and task from his old line of work. Much too old he set his sights on his only son'€¦
At age twelve Mat was becoming very proficient with knives due to his fathers teaching and his mothers support. One day in early spring his father was showing him the proper stroke to take out a target.'€?Look at the base of the skull, Notice it has many cracks and crevices in which a stiletto, or any small, thin blade can easily be inserted and give a quick death, understand?'€?
'€œNo father I don'€™t,'€?
'€œThe proper answer is yes Matsuro dear,'€? said a woman with high eyebrows silver hair and tan brown skin, his mother.
'€œYes father, I do understand.'€? Soon after that he was beginning to attempt the proper stroke when his mother approached him and stopped him, saying she had a gift. A large bundle of fur, curved into a silver ball in a basket was given to him. Seraja Yi as it was called in elven tongue; it was soon to be a large wolf like hunting dog and one of Mat'€™s greatest companions.
At age eighteen Matsuro had soaked up every bit of knowledge his father had taught him and it was now time to earn honor for his family name as the word of death, an assassin. His target was an old elven scholar, Zupan, suspected of spreading rumors of up rise in his disciples. Matsuro was to find him, apprentice under him and at the right moment, and end him. Both Mat and Alpha, as he called his dog, took a quick liking to the scholar, his wisdom was unreal and he proved to be one of Mat'€™s most important teachers.
The total operation should have taken around a month, but each time Mat found the perfect time to strike he couldn'€™t, Zupan was like a second father to him. But he had to do it. A summer night it was just Mat and Zupan. Stiletto in hand he approached the elder and prepared to strike him down at the spot. When he gazed into his teacher'€™s eyes he saw no fear, no signs of anything. He put the stiletto back in his hand, and packed up all in the same night, and left, Alpha by his side. He could never go back to his beloved home now, His name was disgraced and going back to Zupan would most certainly mean death. He looked to the North and headed for a city called Junon.
Along the way he came upon a caravan of gypsies, dancers, and other carnie folk, and learned their ways. It proved to not only be easy for him, but for the first time he was enjoying his line of work As they approached Junon a group of bandits came on them and attempted to seize their goods and kill them. Mat showed his true colors as he pounced on the leader, a tall pale skinned man, though he looked more noble than thief. He sent a stab for the mans heart, but he stuck his arm out to far, he was overpowered and thrown over the mans shoulder and onto the ground hard, sending him into unconciousness.
The bandit having found something more valuable than the caravan’s money, rode off with a better prize, Mat himself.
The time he spent with the thieves proved enlightening in some ways, he learned the arts of breaking and entering, or reliveving the contents of peoples purses to his own. But he was only being used like a puppet by the bandit, whoose name he found to be Rashed, and sought to put an end to it.
He choose the darkest night of the year to go through with his plan. The first floor of Rashed’s house had few guards. He took them out one by one with great speed and silence and made his way to the top floor. Rashed was at his desk counting his last sack of coins. He stopped instantly in his tracks and turned around to face Mat, a look horror on his face, blood pouring from his gaping mouth. With a well placed blow Mat had snapped the spinal cord with a throwing knife, a skill Rashed had taught him. All he could do now was collect his things and Alpha, and leave the city he once preyed on, Junon…
Mat currently lives on the road, making his living from peoples pockets, performing for people, Alpha always by his side.

Roleplaying Notes:

Ability: Due to intense training in the darkened cellar of his parents'€™ home, He'€™s become used to relying on his wits and senses not just his eyes. Mar has achieved the ability to sense when he'€™s about to be attacked. It was part of his father'€™s training him and the natural will to survive that gave him the foresight of his opponents movements and attacks, even in low light. He takes note of the tiny tensing of an opponents muscles and uses his own predictions and foresight his senses have given him, to know almost exactly when, or where someone might strike. In addition to that his ears can pick up low pitch sounds like the muffled sound of padded footsteps on a floor, and his reflexes are extremely sharp.

Psionics: Telekinetic- He can augment his natural strength and speed by adding his telekinetic strength to his muscles. He can also suspend all bodily processes, entering a death trance in which neither food nor air is required. He can affect the bodies of others as the novice can affect his own. Again, such effects must overcome the psyche of the subject, if the subject wishes to resist. He can divert all physical motion around or away from himself, protecting himself from projectiles such as arrows, stones, or bullets. He can move inanimate objects with the force of will. Or, rather than moving the entire object, the adept may affect the motion of its particles, causing it to warm or chill: water at room temperature could be brought to freezing or boiling in a minute or so, and with longer concentration highly flammable materials can ignite. And finally he can divert energies around or away from his body, such as light (rendering the psion invisible) or gravity (allowing the psion to levitate).
Psionic effects are physically draining. The more powerful the effect, the greater the toll on the psion. Most effects leave the psion fatigued and probably hungry too. A very powerful effect may render the psion catatonic.

Random Extras: Alpha is a mixture of German Shepard and wolf, He'€™s easily twice as large as a Great Dane, and his teeth are razor sharp. He doesn'€™t trust easily and should you harm his master, you'€™ll be on the receiving end of his bone crushing jaws. Alpha'€™s silver in color, his eyes are pale blue, and his fur is long and falls into graceful waves all over his body. On his hind legs he'€™s about 5 inches shy of Mat'€™s head and weighs about 200 pounds.

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