Marek's Cloak was made from the skin of a good sized adult brown bear. Marek defeated the bear in unarmed combat and the bear respected him for his strength. Now the spirit remains in the cloak Marek made from his skin after he died from years of adventuring together, looking for another companion to travel with who has Marek's strong will.

The skin looks like a well made bear skin cloak that has been made by hand in the wilderness.

Magical Properties:

Once a day, the cloak can be cast off to fight alongside the wearer to fight as a brown bear in aid of the wearer and party. The bear skin may become clumsy to wear if it feels it can be of use. The cloak fills with a soft blue light and fills out the body of the bear with this light. The light spills out of eyes and mouth, when open. It can maintain this for indefinatly, untill it looses all hit points and becomes an slumbering cloak once more.

To return the bear spirit occupied cloak to it's former cloak form, the cloak must loose all hit points, like above. It doesn't want to be a cloak, after all.

Blunt weapons will do damage as normal, as will all other weapons, but blunt weapons won't tear the cloak. Any slicing or punctures should be kept track of along side it's normal hit points. It regains it's full allotment of hit points with every use, but rips and holes may reduce the cloak to tatters. The rips are healed only on a new moon. If the rips and tearing damage add up to its hit points, the spirit of the cloak no longer may cling to the shredded remains of its former life.

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