Special Equipment:

Small cart pulled by a donkey and a large wooden box that can be strapped over his shoulder. Both open up into a display case stand.


Dressed in very clean finery, very concerned that he looks his best at all times. Always has the most appropriate clothes for the area he is in. If in a peasant town he dresses just enough to look like a rich peasant. Does it to blend in with his surroundings so he can better make a sale.

Has has a loud carrying voice and talks in a very flamboyant manner using his arms to accent any points he wishes to make. He is very convincing and very pushy and is hard to resist once he has somebody in his grip.


Magnus has been selling his elixirs for years and has traveled extensively. The actual elixir can be used for cleaning, curing, cursing, blessing, fixing, bug repellent, water purifier, hair tonic, and pretty much anything else you can think a liquid could be used for.

His travels rarely take him through the same town twice and because of some results he sometimes disappears and pops up very far away from his last stop.

Magnus is a brilliant strategist and can force almost anybody to his needs. He, unfortunately, has a unquenchable thirst for cash, but he does nothing with it, just collects it. He has certain places where he hides his money so he rarely carries it with him. On his person or in his cart, expertly hidden in both cases, are dozens and dozens of coded papers that give personalized directions to where all the money is.

Roleplaying Notes:

-Catch him filling up his bottles in a nearby river. Gives a substantial bribe.
-Because of his wide travels and ability to badger anybody he has a wealth of information about different locations/rumors. One of the rumors is actually something he would like to check out. Because he is no longer wanted there, he is forced to hire somebody to go check out his suspicions.
-If the characters succeed and treat him fairly it could open up a floodgate of even better rumors of instant wealth that, now that they are trustworthy, he is willing to share.
-Some villagers finally found him. They bought his healing elixir and their family still died. Have been hunting him and finally found him. Killed him and destroyed all his merchandise. A good search by experienced adventurers can turn up his reams of coded directions to hidden treasures.
-Is a spy for a kingdom. Can be seen having a mysterious hidden meeting with somebody with the markings of an enemy perhaps.

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