Bipedal meta-reptilian with horns and claws

One of the most important magnagogs ever, Zenector is a basic reptilian kaiju, 50 meters tall, and possessing no great parapsychic abilities. While strong and destructive, Zenector was captured and taken into captivity for study. This has allowed for AtFed Boffins to unravel many mysteries about the magnagogs and their origins. They have also been able to clone Zenector's tissue and organs for use in questionable military and medical experiments.


Purple quadruped with smooth shell

A insect/reptile hybrid, Voulsine has an internal skeleton, but the chitinous carapace and internal biology of an insect, a voracious locust to be exact. it created a massive number of magnaspawn before it was defeated and taken into captivity. Unlike Zenector, Voulsine was euthanized, but it's strange organs live on mechanical life support, creating a number of important hormones, enzymes, and chemicals for the military.


a kaiju sized Ahriman, a single central eye, large wings, and aggressive/evasive behavior. Meta-Avian

Airhole is mostly avian with strong reptile influence, and was captured after a volley of plasma cannons burned it's wings to a crisp. The wings regenerated, but not before the magnagog was taken into captivity. It is held in a sedation tank, as attempts to clip it's wings have generally failed to last, and it has caused too much damage to be allowed free space and movement. It isn't being used for anything at the current time.


A centaur form meta-reptile, notable for dense dermal armor plating

Velbent is the largest Magnagog in captivity, due to it's centaur form. It is easily 3-4 times Zenector's mass. Considered a mediocre source of magnagog genetic material. Lacks the versatility and mutability of Zenector.


A purple meta-serpent with humanoid features

Dycoon was captured in a foray across a classified celestial body, and it very old according to the Imbrian relics found around it. It is suspected that it was an Imbrian weapon, or a tomb cache for such creatures. Out of containment, it is fast and aggressive, and has a manifested psychokinetic photon beam attack that is devastating.


A 60 meter tall meta-mammal with taurine and canine features

Driton was found frozen in a million year old glacier. When reanimated, it demonstrated an evasive 'bigfoot' posture, and defended itself with a psychokinetic seismic hammer attack.


A 100 meter long mammal like reptile with an armadillo shell

Frederico is a desert kaiju that spends most of it's time burrowed in the ground. After time, it's organic emissions pool and form chemical deposits, or lakes of strange enzymes and pools of acids and enzymes.


A 130 meter long meta-serpent, Ulvous has been fitted with cybernetic mecha grade arms and armor

An unusual case, Ulvous is sentient and fluent in French, Spanish, and Dutch. The magnagog has cooperated with the Federation and has it's own island sanctuary. It has been fitting with tool using manipulator arms, and an armor shell to protect it's vulnerable neck and head. Ulvous supplies the Federation with it's strange outsider information and understanding of dimensional physics.


Plasmid lifeforms are not uncommon. A plasmid magnagog is rare. Aloweena is a translucent mass of blood colored gel.

Aloweena is held in a cryodetention system in a state of deep freeze. The creature is currently a jagged collection of octahedral crystals. When thawed it expands, infects other beings with itself, and devour any biomass it can.


A 70 meter tall meta-mollusk.

Also known as Spathi-wa, Octii is a titanic cephalopod with limited ability to float, mass hypnosis and mind control, and incredible durability. It was found in a hibernating state under the surface of Europa. It was kept in suspended animation and transferred to a holding facility where it's complex decentralized nervous system is being studied.


A 90 meter tall meta-mammal/elephant with wings and prominent religious markings

Ploguras manifested in India, strongly resembling the iconography of ancient Hinduism, and the deity Ganesh.

MAX-004, DAX-005, HAX-006

Three prototype supermecha, each 55 meters talls and massing over 250 tons

The three supermecha are built with magnagog derived technology, including biogel systems mimicking their neural systems, and the highly controversial Super Solenoid Core providing the machines their power. The machines manifested sentience and psionic weaponry before failsafes engaged and shut the machines down.


A 70 meter tall mammal like reptile, Micaha is bright orange with bone like white markings.

Micaha is a magnagog hunter, with a powerful poisonous bite that seems tailor made to crippled other magnagogs. It was found in suspended animation in the deep system. According to the damaged systems found at the site, Micaha was in a magnagog 'regeneration chamber'.

Author's note: Micaha was used by the imbrians during the last incursion by the erelim Bekoriel. Micaha was seriously injured during the battle, and was recovered and placed into the regen pod, and forgotten.


A 150 meter long meta-serpent with two heads, an optical shield, and teleportation

Ominos was destroyed after being released on Titan by a gas mining operation. The magnagog demonstrated ability to survive in the Titanian hydrocarbon seas, destroyed most of the mining colony and several ships before they could get off the ground. It was only defeated after the Titan Mecha Corps engaged it with support from a number of AtFed ships. The AFS Garibaldi, a Union class assault ship, was credited with the kill.


A meta-reptile very similar to Zenector, as if Zenector was an intermediary form.

Blendam is the fully evolved form of Zenector.

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