1) Avalon (ThirdLand Antioch City State)
Avalon is a small village burgoning into a town. The villages and the surrounding villages produce excellent wool and cheese. The area is quite idyllic. However, pilgrams and the curious come to Avalon. In a grove, on an island, just of the town's coast, is the Great Druid. The Great Druid is famous for his predictions and wisdom. He will answer one question for each person presented to him.
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2) Fort Port (ThirdLand Antioch City State)
A village on the cliffs surrounding the mouth of the Antioch River. It is known to be a rowdy place where pirates and river brigands are known to stay. Since they never prey upon Imperial shipping or any clan shipping, they are allowed to stay; since they are quite an effective defensive force for Antioch.

3) Grendlee (ThirdLand Antioch City State)
This is a halfling village, a few hundred meters from the imperial road. If there wasn't a cairn on the road, and a packed dirt path, no one would know it was there. The homes are all underhill, mixed in with the roots of the great oak trees (giant coastal oaks). To the untrained eye, there is no village. Grendlee is a farming village.

4) Random (ThirdLand "The Villages"
The local villagers are tight lipped and secretive. The local Prince is quite the tyrant, who pushes everyone to make more of what they do and obey every law. The local inn is the hideout for "The Scarecrow" and the "Straw Men". They function as the local "Robin Hoods" for the locals (taking a bit more opperating expense from non local travellers).

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Chedder (ThirdLand The Villages)

The local area is known for its cheese. In addition to its signature cheese, it develops other types as well. The local hills are clover covered and dotted with cows. The cheese is developed in caves under most of these hills. In fact there are halfling like doors (full sized) that lead to these caves.

Unbeknownst to most, the back of many of these caves leads to another biome. This subterrainian biome is odd and dangerous. These subterranians might become an invasion risk, as they are not part of the Imperium.

Random Villages (Third Land - The Villages)

The local villages all have stele in their centers. These stones have insets where heraldic devices are inserted. The local villages place the heraldic device of their current lord (or what ever army is coming) in the stele. The other devices are hidden somewhere nearby, in case they are needed. This way the nobles always think the village is loyal.


The entire biome is roughtly round and concave. The bowl will fill up with rain and snow. The Way of the Biome is to have round towers as homes (two to four stories). Sure each tower is small in footprint, but it is tall enough that normally people can find their way out in the snow. Also normally each tower has a small canoe like boat that is teathered near the second or third story door. When it rains enough, the boat is still floating there.


This village is in the North West of Thirdland, between Avalon and the Dwarventi mountains. In this biome, the sky has an odd purplelish tint to it. This makes sunsets very beautiful but the plants a little odd. Apante is known for its hops and its grapes. The world is beating a track to this biome's door.

It is one of the few places you can see Dwarves live on the surface in Western Thirdland.

Mirror Wall

This is a picturesk village in the Western Part of the Villages. To the North and East is a rocky clifflike outcropping called The Rock Wall by the natives. On the Rock Wall comes a large and beautiful waterfall that always seems to generate a rainbow on a sunny day or full moon night. The natives call it The Mirror Wall Falls. The shimmer wall that seems along the ridge of the RockWall is perfectly opaque and mirror like, enhancing the effect. The biome to the North and East is dry and rocky, so the water magically comes from the cliffside (perhaps from a spring or an outlet for an underground stream).

There is an Imperial Gate in this village, as it is a popular destination for Elventi to watch the falls. It is however, off the Imperial Road by a great deal. There is very little other traffic here, only visiting Elventi. There are even a few small HomeTrees here for Elventi to properly rest in. It seems they are keeping this little open secret to themselves.

Biome of the Dust

This Biome is desolate and rocky. It never rains. The only water here is that which comes in with you. You will dehydrate shortly if you don't have enough with you. There is a large pit here, it seems to have been dug out for some reason (any miner or Dwarventi would tell you it was a open mine).

There is a building here buried in the soil. It is underground, but not of Dwarventi or Goblenti Design. It is mostly underground; it's entrance leads down a ramp into the ground. The building itself is a large dome supported by columns. In the center of the rotunda is a pedestal with a single book. The book is made of a wood paper and solid wood bindings with brass finishings. It also seems completely immune to the effects of aging.

The book can not be touched and no force seems to damage it or the podium. The book is open to a page and is in no known language. The interesting part is that new words appear on the page every now and again. When a page is full, a new page seems to appear.

This book has been linked to the Ancient Peoples of South East Thirdland. These people were dust by the time of The Arrival (of the Elventi)

See: It was just a book


The local biome is filled with a deep red soil. It is a dry biome, with little to no rain. The soil is often cracked and falls into hexagonal chunks. Luckily a nice solid creek (almost river) runs through most of it. With enough water and a little manure, the hard dirt can become good soil. While there are mostly nut orchards, various grains and a few vegitables are grown. The Famers (and their families and workers) tend to live in Great Homes on these orchards. They will come together for Temple in the only village in the biome. The village is just short of a real town.

Most of the buildings here are made of the red adobe soil, with creme plaster over it. Given the hardness of the adobe bricks once baked these buildings are nearly indestructable.

The Imperial Road does run through here on its way to somewhere else. The warmth here and the dryness, since they are not used to it, cause most travelers to cross at night.

There is an First Imperial Survey maker here. That is why the biome has an Elventi Name.