When Sorn Ironspirit had gained his first footholds into his newly chosen art of magic, he looked about the smithy which had raised him, and he knew that there must be a better way. More, after some short time, he knew what that better way must be. For many months he studied and experimented with ways to twist the metal, to shape it, and after many failures, the Gloves of the Ironworker were born.

After Sorn's preferred fashion, the fingers of the gloves extend only so far as the first knuckle, no matter who happens to be wearing them. Crafted of deeply stained red leather, they are etched with runes of golden thread, runes of iron, fire, and strength.

Magical Properties:

When invoked by the mind of the wearer, these gloves can effectively replace all of a blacksmith's tools. With the correct command gestures, the blacksmith may heat the steel, shape it as if with hammer and anvil or any of the dozens of other implements of the blacksmith. With significant practice, even masterworks may be made in this fashion.

In the hands of one much more familiar with the magical essence of metal, these gloves allow free manipulation of previously existing metal.

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