Full Item Description
Flame, or Melethel, sometimes called Everburn, is a hand-and-a-half sword with a forty-two inch blade made from red steel, and a seven inch steel handle, wrapped in cured bullhide, with arcane runes etched into the three inch crosspiece.

Thrond, king of the land called Thanethia, needed a powerful weapon to defeat his ageless foe, Tok’lar. Thus, he had a blade forged in the fires of Gulth-Bem (now called Worm Pit), because of this, the sword forever had the power of flame. When the time came to test the weapon, it did, indeed prove able, and he defeatedTok'lar. Unfortunately, when Thrond died, the sword was lost in a forest, hence named Flame Wood, and has been forgotten by most peoples.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Flame has been well named since it will burn anyone that the blade touches other than the current wielder, the runes on the hilt will burn into the forearm of whoever draws it the for the first time after the previous owner has died. This is done to mark all former owners.

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