Full Item Description
Dollor Powder is a relatively common curative found even in rural or destitute areas. It is a bitter white powder that is generally mixed with some beverage though wine is considered the best. Consuming the powder dry leaves a bitter alkaline taste in the mouth as well as leaving said mouth tissues desperately dry. Consuming too many powders within a short amount of time can cause nausea, cramps, headache and bloody noses.

Dollor Powder has been discovered a number of times by various different alchemists, herbalists, and other apothecaries. Derived from the bark of a willow tree and treated with a variety of other distillates, it is easy to come by and compared to often expensive healing potions, is not overly costly. The standard apothecary would likely have this item in stock, and would sell a dose for as little as 1 GP, though it could be higher in areas of high demand, remoteness from waterways, or other social conditions. Areas near waterways, where the tree that produces the bark for the powder grows can have prices as low as 2-5 SP per dose.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Consuming a packet of Dollor Powder restores a small amount of HP to a character, in the range of 1D4 HP for DnD type games or a health level in games with preset health levels. It isnt an instant boost in health, and requires on average an hour for the effects to occur. Consuming two packets has only minimal effect, being 1d4+1 HP and no effect in fixed health level systems.

Consuming more than three packets in a day requires the PC to make a saving throw against their stamina/constitution score. Those who pass suffer no ill effects. Those who fail suffer from headaches, risk of bloody nose. those who drastically fail become nauseous and may be afflicted with abdominal cramps.

Dollor Powder has a very long shelf life and can be carried with no problem for a year or longer. If it gets wet, however, it clumps together into a hard nugget and looses a point of effect, or ceases to be of any benefit at all.

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