Microderm Implants

The microderm implant is an object that can be implanted into the skin relatively easily. This is normally done with a large bore hypodermic syringe or injector, much like the lever action 'Bedazzler' implement of the 1990s. The major difference is that the fabric is human skin, and the end result is intended to be highly visible.

Microderm Implants were preceded by standard implants, where a flat object would be surgically implanted completely under the skin, with the decorative bits literally screwing down onto posts that extended up through the skin. This required a surgical implanting procedure, and removal likewise required incisions to be made. This was painful, could easily become infected, and if damaged, required medical procedures to repair or replace.

The Electric Implant

While implanting jewels in the skin is by no means new, in the Cosmic Era, filaments can easily be induced to grow under the skin, linking dozens or even hundreds of LED concealing jewels together and to a microcomputer and bioelectric capacitor. The old implants were just rocks and metal, the cosmic implants are lights, and can change color and intensity.

Mood Lighting - the wearer her their dazzles tied to their mood, and the stones will change color and intensity based on emotion and strength of emotion.

Peacocking - the array of implants have a pattern that they can create, often rippling through colors or flashing patterns and such. This is a sight drawing mechanism.

Ambiance - the stones reflect the wearer's favorite colors, or are an active accessory to their wardrobe and attire.

Vajazzling and Electric Sex

One of the things that was discovered when creating dazzle filaments was that the network of LEDs could very easily be tied into the nervous system. This was quite an accident, as the first such connection turned the LEDs into pain receptors. The body art enthusiast was not so enthusiastic about this. Some trial and error found where the filaments could be hooked into the nervous system, and what they could do. The filaments conducted electrical impulses through the network, primarily for generating light. These impulses could be then translated by the nervous system as new sensations. It was not long before someone figured out how to 'hotwire' their pubic nerve into their pelvic region dazzles or piercings, resulting in the Push-Button Orgasm, complete with light effects.

Facial Dazzles

Often very small, facial dazzles are often implanted to highlight the eyes or cheekbones of the wearer. Larger jewels, or patterns can also be worked out on the cheek or forehead. This is an area where less is definitely more, and more is just gawdy or tacky.

Arm and Chest Dazzles

Easier to conceal when being serious, these are typically laid out in patterns or designs for optimal visual effect. People who have this level of cosmetic augmentation likely also have licensed genebranding and will accent or pick out salient points of their skin logos with the LED jewels.

Hand Dazzles

While the most common hand dazzles are cosmetic, there are actually non-cosmetic applications for these implants. Given the sensitivity if the metal post wired into the nervous system, a hand dazzle is actually an effective way to feel if there is current running through a wire, gauge the strength of a signal in a given area, and having one on each hand can allow an arcanotechnician to sense the current and flow of the electrical and other strange energies that are often conveyed through their gear quickly and easily. This is less precise than an actual handheld gauging device, but it is quick and works for fast repairs.

Genital Dazzles

There is little surprise that people use dazzles to draw attention to their nipples, genitals, and general erogenous zones. This is as much decorative as it is advertising their sexual prowess and ability.

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