Phillip Thornblood liked to make things, but sometimes the things he wanted to make, didn't want to be made. Like the time he tried to make a meat powered gear box out of a lion's stomach, and a clock. Or the time he made a road paver out of the eyes of a medusa and a giant slug. Or even just trying to bind living wood with stone. Needless to say, these things did not work out very well at all, but never one to be dismayed by a minor setback or two, Thornblood came up with this staff, which he uses to,well, just make things fit together.
The staff is made of a thin pillar stone that a sapling oak grew around, and is covered in a finely made cage of iron, holding it all together.

Magical Properties:

The staff can make two or more things fit, or merge, or just hold, together forever. Over the course of his experimentation with the staff it was found that trying to merge things with a spell already cast on them, was not a good idea. And because of the massive power requirements to get,say,a layer of iron to stay on that blasted bird, Thornblood used 'fuel'(in my campaign it involves magic, gems, and small animals dancing) to power it for the bigger things, however just getting two pieces of cloth to stick together is not a big issue for the staff at all.

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