Call of the Storm

Warstaff (Warhammer/staff combo). Call of the Storm is five feet even. It is an archmage's staff that has been modified into the Warstaff by adding a Warhammer's hammerhead and infused with magical reserves.


The archmage's staff is five feet in length, made from a single piece of black wood. An unknown type of sea wood, it is extremely dense, polished to a high gloss and very strong. The entire length has been inlaid with runes of protection, healing, and finding in addition to several runes to aid in offensive spells dealing in water or ice elemental spells.

A large two and a half foot warhammer head has been fitted to the top of the staff, replacing the traditional metal topping or ornate gem. Forged by a Mastersmith of the dwarves, the hammerhead is solidly made of a blend of metal alloys. These allow the head to retain water or ice elemental magics.

The entire length of the staff was finished in leather and burnished silver and the end was capped with a simple iron alloy imprinted with the Battlemage's crest.

Magical Properties:

Because the entire weapon has been specially made for a single Battlemage, it has the ability to enhance that man's own magical powers. The weapon is surrounded by a dark blue aura, which intensifies itself in battle or spell casting. Though able to retain and hold a limited amount of magic, the Warstaff acts more as a conductor and amplifier more than a magical "battery".

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Is there anything special about an archmage's taff other than it is used by an archmage? I hope when you said the warhammer head was two and a half foot, you meant that to include the straps along the sides of the staff to strengthen it, a two and a half foot long hammer head on a five foot long staff would be most unwieldy.

You've done a very good job of describing what it looks like, could you add some more description to it's effects? Something more detailed than 'enhances, intensifies, conducts, amplifies'.

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An archmage's staff would indeed be special other than the fact that it is used by an archmage. It is a living extention of that individual's power, and each staff is made personalized. Recieved as a mark of their rank, the staff can add a little kick if the mage has depleted his energy and with it, his natural powers can be amplied in the sense that the spells he casts with the staff would be stronger, more devestatiing or healing, etc, than if he was to do the same spell without its assistance. While the possibility of this item becoming a crutch, handicaping a mage, this is also rather useful, because the owner can put his or her own magic into it for later use.

Now, because this is a Warstaff, not a archmage's staff, this battery property has been taken out of the item and replaced with a stronger offensive side. We can leave that up to the actual user to decide how powerful he wants it to be. This could become a ledgendary weapon, as it has in my own RP world, or it could be a standard weapon among a certain cast of warriors or something like that.

Now, about the warhammer. I know that a warhammer is a specialized item in many RP worlds, but in my mind's eye, I'd call the hammer a double sided weapon, with spikes on the rim of either side, but a flat surface on each end for pounding or smashing or whatever violent act would be inflicted. When mounted on the staff, it could indeed become unwieldy. So you must remember that when using the hammer head the Warstaff is a two handed weapon or a one handed weapon for extremely large individuals, say on people larger than eight feet or something. As for weight, I could go the easy route and pass the weight off to some magic or something like that that would make it easy to hold and use. I won't. The Warstaff is heavy, I'd estimate around eighteen pounds minimum. In addition to that is its size, which is why this is a Battlemage's weapon and not an ordinary warrior's. Battlemage's are a unique class of warrior, mages with strong fighting abilities. Requirements for entrance to this cast is body structure at least six feet two inches, 160 pounds and excellent physical shape. No weak but powerfully magic mages here. As a result, the magic aspect of these warriors can be blunted, since they are first warriors, second mages. This weapon would then be a great help, as it has the archmage staff's ability to enhance a spell when it is casted with the aid of the staff but it is also a functional weapon, abet one that is rather large.

I hope that made any coherence sense... I just woke up.

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6'2' 160? I am 6'2' 200 and I am pretty skinny. He would have to be a twig, a strong one, but still a twig.

You wouldn't necessarilly have to have a full warhammer at the top of the staff. The 18+ pounds would be all at the top so you really wouldn't have much balance if you were to swing it...and that is about all you would be able to do with it.

Instead of magic to balance it I would just make it a miniature warhammer on the top that could be balanced with a counterweight on the bottom. Would be more realistic too and he could use it as a cane which I still see all mages doing. As long as it is sharp it will tear stuff up. Unless it is his primary weapon there is no need for such size in a mage's weapon.

Throw a magical shock on it when it successfully hits. A mage doesn't need a big weapon, they are too smart for that. Make them use a smaller weapon magically.

Really like the idea behind it all. A staff is nice, all wizards need it, but having a weapon mounted to it definately works...and once they get whacked with it, they will remember it.

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As said, well described physically - and there is value in that - but its abilities need work.

Its interesting that your comment is larger than the submission itself :)