After the discovery of the reservoir enchantment others took inspiration from it and engineered a new storage system with which the winds could be captured and harnessed as a power source or for other purposes.

Those that deal in the winds are known commonly as wind merchants, selling them as different strengths in a large round bottle. The merchandise has been cleverly marketed as 'Tradewinds.'


The bottled winds come in several strengths varying in expense based upon duration;

Breeze: The wealthy purchase breeze strength winds in order to keep their homes cool in the heat of summer. Some families of extravagant wealth will have their servants use it for dusting.

Gust: Can be used to propel small sailing boats or for dramatic billowing hair.

Gale: Strong winds used for driving ships of varying sizes.

Tempest: Stored in specially marked and sealed bottles. The strongest of winds, not sold openly to just anyone. Few who know of the existence of Tempest winds would ever think of using them. Raging storm in a bottle.


Durations are assigned and graded in tiers increasing by 30 minutes each time;

Tier I - 30 minutes

Tier II - 1 hour

Tier III - 1 hour and 30 minutes


Uses & Scenarios

Imprisonment - An air elemental is imprisoned within the bottle, perhaps a destructive creature, or a hidden ally/guardian.

Steam or Mist - If paired with a Reservoir Vessel and/or Blaze/Frost Stones one can create a billowing cloud or stream of steam or mist.

Stormcalling - Weather mages can better create, sustain, and manipulate powerful storms

Travel - Sailors are less likely to be stranded in still waters if the wind dies. Any captain worth his salt keeps a few bottles of gale force winds hidden away in his cabin.

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