First Impression

A Kamchatkan brown bear, a large specimen, but seemingly equipped with some sort of headgear, and wearing a synthetic body harness.

Double Take

The bear doesn't just have the bearing of a predator, but the patient observation skills of something intelligent. The bear is indeed wearing some sort of bear sized headset, resembling a scouting rig (camera/holographic lens/communication link), and it is indeed also wearing a tactical harness that is almost the same color as it's fur. If spotted, the bear watches with hawk like intensity.

Getting to Know Beiringainus

Beiringainus was created by the NOVI Kamera Science Division of the Neo-Soviet faction of the Eurasian Alliance. He was engineered from Kamchatkan brown bear gene stock, but was upgraded and technically uplifted to sentience. The agent Beiringainus serves as a Soviet naturalist agent, able to live and completely blend into his wilderness environment. The bear is all but invisible to automated surveillance systems, the vast majority are geared to ID, then ignore wildlife.

Beiringainus is surprisingly jovial, despite being steeped in Soviet doctrine, military and intelligence agency dogma, and living out on the tundra and taiga of the Siberian fringe. He has a strong taste for salty foods, especially salted fish, jerky of any sort, and on special occasions, caviar. As one would expect, the great bear is no stranger to vodka, but by far prefers the bitterness of beer to the alcoholic burn of vodka. The bear knows quite a few jokes, but doesn't really understand sexual dimorphism in humans, and finds human humor to be overly elaborate and needlessly cruel. 'Obezyanna dermo' is his favorite response when encountering some facet of human society that doesn't make sense, aka 'monkey shit'

Getting to Know All About You

Beiringainus is a genimal with greatly enhanced cerebral capacity. His brain is no larger than normal, but it is much more complex than the normal brown bear. He is much more in touch with his sense of smell than with his visual capacity, and this has made him quite capable of literally sniffing out moles and plants, unless they have spent several days or even weeks acclimating to the local diet. He has the ability to read and write in three languages (Russian, simplified Chinese, and English), and can very easily access and use Neo-Soviet interface Cognet systems. Western Cognet interfaces are more challenging, and he typically registers as a precocious and aggressive child using them. Beiringainus cannot speak or make anything other than Chewbacca-esque sub-vocalizations. He uses simple sign language, or can communicate quickly and fluently through texts and voice emulators.

He has a skill set based around basic survival, scouting and reconnaissance, sabotage, and hunting. In the most basic mode, no one really gets paranoid about spies when there is a bear sitting at the end of the runway. They get upset about the bear, but given the green profile, only the most depraved monsters decide to off large game out of sport or boredom.

What's in the Closet

Beiringainus knows he is something of an oddity, but has the notion of finding out if his modifications are able to be passed on, and to what extent. While on missions, he has been steadily breeding with native repopulated brown bears. Should another male challenge him, he is not above using non-lethal weaponry to subdue a rival and impregnate his mate. The quartermasters have no idea what the bear does with stun grenades and knock out gas, but they've been told to indulge the bear in his modest and innocuous requests. He also isn't convinced of the great Soviet cause, and is pretty sure that the vast problems facing the world are entirely caused by Obezyanna Dermo, and everything that exists is just increasingly intelligent and angry monkeys throwing feces at each other.

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