This arrow, sometimes refered to as the 'Touch of Madness' since survivors tell tales of a piercing pain followed by burning you couldn't see and the terror you felt when your screams of agony seemed to make no sound. Thes people were shrugged off as lunatics by decent god-fearing folk. Little did the world know that 'The Circle of Hell' was attacking anyone who came near the woods searching for its famed treasure that to the dissapointment of 'The Circle' never actually existed. They use these hellish arrows because the knowledge to make them was a gift from great demons who wanted passage to the world so they could rule it. The arrows cause fire pain, blindness and deafness therefore putting the victim in his/her own personal hell.
This story has been turned into a nice adventure as well.

Magical Properties:

Fire Damage: Deals no damage (feels like it does), and the flames are invisible, use standard rules for catching on and putting out fire.

Blindness and Deafness: Moderately hard to avoid (Probobly an above average save would be required) It's really up to you depending on what game rpg this is being used in. The duration is probable around 5-10 mins.

The arrows are always completely destroyed after being used and do not leave a wound.

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