This puzzle consists of a tiled etching. The surface initially looks like normal tiled stone, but with three symbols (uppercase) engraved on one end. Replace A, B, and C with arcane symbols of your choice.

Standing on a marking (uppercase) causes it to glow with an inner light. A shadow-copy of the activating player appears in the opposing space (lowercase), and the tiles under both the player and the copy begin to glow. Three players must participate in this puzzle.

Two spaces in the grid are permanently activated; these begin to glow whenever the puzzle is started.

A player may navigate the grid by moving forward, back, left, or right to a neighboring unactivated tile. The shadow-copy mirrors their movement, moving left and right with the player and towards the player if the player moves forward and away if the player moves back. If this motion would cause the shadow-copy to leave the grid or enter an activated space, it makes no motion instead.

If the shadow-copy and the player would enter the same, unactivated space, then the move is invalid and the puzzle deactivates.

If the player enters an activated space or leaves the grid the puzzle deactivates.

When the puzzle deactivates all shadow-copies vanish and all tiles cease to be lit. Players must re-start by stepping on the start spaces once more.

The puzzle is completed by reaching a state where all tiles are lit. What that does is up to the DM - unlock a door, activate a mechanism, etc.

A solution (non-unique) is shown below.

Some Variations:

A very easy reflective puzzle.

A straightup reflective puzzle with a barrier in the middle. Fairly easy.

A more complicated reflective puzzle.

A wide, somewhat complicated puzzle similar in structure to the original.

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I'm going to have the door open to the capital letters. Across the room the images will appear but their pedestals will be raised up in the air. The floor between them is flat and level with the PCs. As the first PC steps on the the next tile it will elevate to be one step higher as the mirror image steps over the edge to the next tile that will shoot up out of the ground to meet him.

When everything is done, they will have a stairway that leads them to the next room, and completing the puzzle will open the door.