Rathestha' knowledge seeker of the insectoid attack fleets salvage and repair vessel Karresh, entered the cargo bay of the cruiser with a brief nod to the guards on duty, making swift progress amongst the debris strewn across the floor towards his companion Klik'ta, who's quivering antenna expressed deep interest in a piece of the wreckage salvaged from the human vessel they had destroyed earlier on that day.
"What is it you are examining hmm?" Rathestha' chittered, peering closely at a stack of colored paper grasped in his friends claw.
"A dinner menu it would seem." Klikta responded hesitantly, angling the open magazine for easier viewing by them both.
"Dinner? That's a picture of two of their females, not food!" Rathestha scoffed, waving his antenna energetically.
"Actually if you look closer you will see that is not the case." Klik'ta responded calmly, pointing closer to the picture. "First you'll notice the lack of clothing this one is wearing compared to what is obviously see thru dining garments covering the other. Next notice how this females mouth is pressed firmly against the others body, and her tongue is extruded across the other ones skin in what is no doubt their way of tasting the meal for quality before eating begins."
Rathestha' paused and peered closer, the lights of the cargo bay reflecting off of his multi faceted eyes as he pondered the new information.
"Also look here," Klik'ta continued, flipping the pages of the tattered book. "You see this female here; she is applying a food paste product to the other creatures body, what Seltuthpa says is known as choke-o-late sauce." His mandibles struggled to produce the foreign word and he continued after a slight pause. "It's a sweet syrup poured over other foods to improve their flavor. No doubt this female is putting it on the other ones body before eating."
"Most odd." Rathestha agreed, chittering softly in concern. "To eat another of your species, especially a life giver is most vile; it seems the queen was wise to have this species destroyed."
Klik'ta nodded, tossing the well worn magazine back into the pile of salvaged goods. "As always, her knowledge is supreme beyond all doubt..."
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