Plot Description
The PCs, while traversing a heavily wooded area, are caught in a very well hidden trap. Falling into a standard pit trap is bad enough, but being lifted into the air in a net is a whole other story! With bruised pride and blood rushing to their heads they hear the sounds of children arguing.

'That's not them, they are grown-ups!'
'Well it's their fault then, they shouldn't have been here in the first place!'
'Should we cut them down?'
'I say we find out what they want first, can't be too careful!'
'What if the others sent them? They could be hired swords!'
'I doubt it, they don't look that smart, or that scary.'
'Leave them! The others have been spotted near the clearing, we need to move!'

The sounds of small footsteps fades away ans the PCs begin trying to get loose from the net. It isn't an easy task. Pieces of rusted chainmail, lengths of iron chain and other small metal objects have been woven into the rope.

A few moments later, there are more sounds of children moving towards the PCs. There are few, and the sounds of metal and chain are apparent.

'Pick up that sheild, don't drag it. My father will have my head if you scuff it up!'
'I'm trying! It's heavy!'
'Try harder! My sword weighs more than that and I'm not dragging it.'
'You're a foot taller than me too!'
'Leave him alone, Rob. He's only nine...'

The war in Syverin isn't a typical war. There are no long bowmen, no heavy cavalry, and no siege weapons.
This is a war conceived, planned and fought by children.

Expanding the scenario

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? Quest
The hosts have gathered, legions eye barbarians across a barren field, the generals stab daggers into their maps, the WAR QUEST has arrived. Welcome to the Sounds of War Quest. We will be rewarding a 12XP Bonus per submission with the first place submission earning 150 and second place earning 75. The only important word in this Quest is War. Any category is OK, just make sure you check the quest box when putting in your submission. This is a new procedure, don't forget it! Any direction your imagination takes you. Anything at all, as long as it has to do with, you guessed it...War.