Full Description
Glisten Worms range in size from four to twelve thumbs length (an inch and some more, 3 cms). They are considered carrion worms because they are always associated with dead things. While they do eat decaying flesh, it is not their primary food source. Glisten worms constantly sucrete a sticky liquid as they move that allows them to stick to walls and almost any surface. This is where they get one of their common names. The worm is the only thing that does not stick tight to the goo. The glisten goo has another purpose, it provides additional food for the worm. It collects insects that would feed on the carrion. The glisten also serves as a medium of growth for certain fungi that the worms eat. A body infested with Glisten Worms will decompose at a rate eight times slower than a body without.

Note: the sticky substance will only hold insect sized things, it is not that strong.

Additional Information
They will sometimes colonize skeletonal remains, as their glisten will draw some insects to the bones. Some animated skeletons will have Glisten worms colonies in them. This will create a wriggling boil of worms forming muscle appearing mass.

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