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SC: Second Skin

Second Skin

A weird way to carry and conceal your stuff.


The second skin looks like a common grey homespun robe with a hood. However, when a person is loaded with less than 15 pounds of gear and completly closes the robe, it molds to their body and gives them the appearance that they were actually naked. Normal clothing, armor, equipment and such can be worn over the second skin just like they would normally.

Rumors persist of 'special' versions of the second skin. Some claim certain robes can change the wearers appearance, others swear it can grow wings and fly or breath underwater, a few even say they are cursed and consume the wearer and live his life in his place. It is unknown if any or all of these rumors are true, but wise people would do well not to put on a strange robe.

Magical Properties:

When loaded with no more than 15 pounds of gear, including clothes, food, familiars, pets, and anything that does not have a symbiotic relationship with the wearer, when the robe is closed, including the hood covering the face, the second skin stores all the items similar to a bag of holding and takes on the appearance of the wearer so seamlessly that even extensive physical examination would prove hard to detect the robe. The only access to the gear stored while the robe is worn is through an opening in the belly button that can expand to the size required to reach the item.
Because the robe acts similarly to a bag of holding, it reacts to holding extradimensonal spaces in the same manner, that being catastrophic explosions, and the wearer is considered to being inside for the results of the explosions.
With the exception of the belly button, the wearer's body seems normal. He can see, taste, hear, smell and touch just as well as normal. His pulse can be felt and he can be wounded just like normal. He can wear armor under the second skin, and then more armor over it, but since the armor under the second skin has been stored, it has no effect. While the second skin is in use, it doesn't detect any more magical than the wearers skin, and everything stored is hidden from dectection as well. While not in use, it detects much the same way as a bag of holding.

The existance of cursed or other versions of the second skin is up to the GM.

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? Responses (13)

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That was me btw, arrr.

Goto Author

It's a fresh concept! Rejoice!

Goto Author

I try to do what I can to satisfy people's requests. Hopfrog wanted something more like an average adventurer would carry rather than an ultimate weapon, I remember almost every established character I know carrying a bag of holding, so I just put a fresh spin on it.

Second skins can be useful to fighters for carrying concealed weapons, armour or items, more so for rouges, clerics and wizards could have concealed magic items and/or scrolls. I'm sure pc's will come up with even more inteteresting ideas.

Goto Author

I love it. Insanely unique and causes a dilemna about wearing it. 15 pounds makes it a very interesting choice of equipment they want to keep concealed too. Great all around, fun item!!

Goto Author

What dilemma?

I think most characters would want to wear it, and that is a compliment of the highest sort.

Maybe careful inspecting of the belly may show it? And, more important, how many exist and/or how well is it known to the public, or at least to important people?

'You may come in to bow before the Emperor. But first, show us your bellys!'

Goto Author

Now, what happens if someone dies while wearing it?

I think the Skin would maintain its original look. But what happens to the body inside? If it is completely sealed from outside world, it might become sort of mummified, and so well preserved. One can argue that it is not completely sealed (airtight and all), or your bacterias eat you anyway.

So after a few (hundred) years, you have tattered clothes, a perfectly preserved skin, and the rotten 'filling'. What would the characters think when they spot such a corpse, or when touching it/examining/stealing from it they find it is gelee/liquid/only bones inside?

I think they would be mightily scared, or at least wondering what kind of attack could have caused this bizzare death. And they will wonder long if they don't find the button.

Goto Author

I like this item alot thanks much

Goto Author

First of all, I like this idea a great deal. Bravo.

One question...since manfred already covered my other one.

What happens when the robe gets a tear? Maybe a rip from putting it on, or from a slashing weapon. Can the robe be restitched and still have the flawless appearances, or would the wearer only look half naked?

Goto Author

Maybe it is fact *alive*, something from beyound perhaps.

In which case it could heal, and perhaps acquire scars.

Goto Author

This is wonderful! Like Manfred said, I think most characters would want to wear it.

Perfect gear for a courtesan! Strip naked, seduce them, then kill them!

Goto Author

I remember this one. Great old post to bump, Ramhir. Now I will vote on it, because it appears I never did.

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only voted

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