Full Item Description
invisible rope - made by invisible spider? made by magic is actually cheaper because rope
is weaker, can be dispelled, and is actually easier to get.
or maybe a cheap version can be had by feeding a normal spider certain foods (invis. pot?)
good for traps/triplines, also for seiges (grapling hooks... enemy doesnt know where to
expect your approach and must spread out defenses) or thievery (you can leave props set up
ahead of time.. make line from another building perhaps... etc. OTHER USES?
tie someone up wihtout being visible - funny and confuses rescuers.
hang someone over a pit? Fake levitation (walk a tightrope!? if a magician or circus guy
could get these.... but it would be costly!!!) tricks (pull a coin tied to rope), etc.
leave hanging over a pit (so you can use it to swing and pursuers dont know its there)


Magic/Cursed Properties

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