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? Quest
Citadel Stimulus Quest

When you are under siege, you have nothing but time. But the abundance of time is just as much of a weight as the enemy outside the gates. It is time for the Citadel to develop a creative Stimulus Package to support the Strolenati during this unique time. After no deliberation and no votes, the following will be the procedures followed through the the Citadel Stimulus Quest. (Subject to change, amendment, and adjustment as needed.)

  • The quest will be ongoing until such a time when the siege is recognizably lifted.
  • Every week a minimum influx of $25 will be added to the Stimulus Package to keep the Creative Citadel Economy out of a Recession.
  • The Stimulus Package will increase weekly, on Monday, until there are 10 new submissions. 
  • On the first Sunday after the quantity is met, the 10+ submissions will be weighed and measured by the Strolenati.
  • Whomever is determined as the winner will receive whatever funds have collected in the Stimulus Package.