Wandering the vast, deserted Dwarven mines, you turn a corner to face a stone archway that stands over 50 feet high. Where once elaborate carvings of Dwarven history were skillfully etched into the mighty stonework, there is now only a shadow of beauty with graceful words and images broken by the fading of time. Two massive, reinforced iron doors hang limply on rusted hinges; broken and useless, they hang askew - a true testament to the decay of ages. The once solid marble threshold is now cracked and broken, littered with debris and dust. Peering through the open doors, you make out a temple chamber that has fared the years better than these once tantamount doors.


Slipping past the doors, you find yourself in a large open vault. Twelve stone walls stand tall tapering towards a 

The Floor

The Voice 

The Trials

The Treasure

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