Ancient beyond measure, the Book of Cain is the black bible of the Vampires. Supposedly penned by the legendary First Vampire, Cain, in the blood of the demon-god Melmnohch, this book has been mass produced by the vampires. It supposedly tells the tale of Cain, his casting from the Valley of Man by the 'Gods of the Cursed Sun' as they are called, and the birth of the vampires. It is believed that almost every vampire owns a copy of this book. An excerpt:

'Be wary, Blood of my Blood;
Shun the sharp thing that
wouldst peirce thy heart;
Shun the Cursed Sun that
wouldst burn they flesh;
Partakest thou not of the
water that runs, nor shalt
thou partakest of the water
that is blessed of the Gods
of the Cursed Sun'

Bound in humanskin leather, it's pages have been soaked in blood so that the vellum is a pinkish color. The red verses are written in sinister tongue of the Underworld. The book also contains the horrific secrets of the Dark Gifts, the inherited magical gifts that are passed between generations of vampires.

Magical Properties:

The Book of Cain, if opened by a non-vampire, strikes the opener down with a curse. Every night, the victim cuts theirself in their sleep over the pages of the book. This occurs until the victim is drained of blood and becomes a zombie.

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