Black Mirror Tech

Cosmic Era tech extrapolated from the Netflix Series Black Mirror



Item - Potion

Compliance is a psychotropic beverage that as per its namesake, makes the drinker more compliance. This substance is used in situations where a person has no say in their fate, and allows them to accept what is going to happen to them. It is initially used as a sedative for the worst criminals, criminals on death row, violent offenders in court, and eventually spreads to the point where the compound appears in black market forms as a commonly used date rate drug.

Adult Megacorps

Organization - entertainment

There are highly profitable corporations that cater to the constant demand for pornography. These megacorps make pornstars into celebrities and control a massive amount of the entertainment datastreams. These corps are the new media titans, basically with the smut peddlers replacing the hidebound and reactionary media conglomerates. Thus the old guard of ABC, CBS, Fox, BBC, etc fall to the wayside with Brazzer Media group, Reality Kings, Evil Angel, and Wicked become the new guard.

Data Recorder Implant

Item - Other

The DRI is an implant that is linked to the senses and memory centers of the brain and is a just what it says on the tin, an experience recorder. The files the recorder saves can be uploaded to the cloud, replayed for self entertainment or memory recall later, or even hacked, stolen, used as evidence, and so forth. DRIs are illegal technology as the level of biological autonomy is considered to be irredeemably negative.

Oeuvre Emulator

Item - other

The Oeuvre Emulator is a computer generated persona that is compiled from a living person's social media activity. This primitive avatar allows a person to interact with a ghost of a person, or in the case of a fictional character, to have as close as possible to a personal relationship with them. The data generated by the OE system can be uploaded into a robot or auton, creating a cheap simulacra of a deceased person, celebrity, and so forth.

Psychotronic Incarceration

idk - item?

The core concept of pyschotronic incarceration is to make a person's mind into a prison. Trapped in their own mind, being manipulated and controlled through the same memories and emotions over and over, they are deemed to be suitably punished by society. PI is considered a dark spot in arcanotechnology because it was used as a form of Societal Torture, to abuse people beyond the point of acceptability.

Synthetic Politician

NPC - Political

The Synthetic Politician is the Ouecre Emulator version of a politician. The virtual politician is the conglomerate of the talking points and medie feeds of a political party or movement. In the vein of cities electing animals and such as their mayors, the SP is a cartoon character, a mascot. These mascots seldom win their elections, but their puppet actions are generally sufficient to wipe out competition, outside parties, and undesireable candidates.

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