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What appears to be a gold band with four diamonds in a roughly triangular pattern, three small diamonds surrounding the large diamond in the middle, is really three non-magical diamonds and a gem that used to be the eye of an Angel. There is only one color allowed for the Angel Eye gem, that of blue fire, which only the Angels aligned with Good are allowed to have for their eye color.


The first ring of this kind was created as a bet between ring makers over a thousand years ago. Many ring makers were involved, the ones who lived in the island nation of Breton, and they struggled with blood, tears, and sweat to make the ring to the exact standards of the royal family. Many of them sought to create the royal signet ring, using what they had available to them in mortal lands, but none of the signet rings would match the criteria.

However, the first ring of this kind was not made because it was to be a signet ring; far from it, in fact. The truth is, the ring was originally designed to be a wedding ring, but the ring maker who developed it couldn't give it to his beloved because it lacked a major component. He knew that he was going to have to find this major component, but how? He was despondent, having no idea what he was to do.

With a prayer to Dorago the Gold, he pleaded to the Dragon God to aid him in his quest of making a ring of such beauty and radiance to wow the people who would see it. He didn't even care if it was to be given to someone outside of his beloved, he just wished to make this ring be the best it could be. He would have gone to the temple to do this, but he had never been a temple goer in his life, preferring to simply pray in his honest way with all that he had in him.

Finally, as he opened his eyes after the prayer, he was about to go to bed when he heard a knock at the front door. He reached the front door and opened it up, revealing a pair of women who were wearing the robes of beggars, hoping to have a bite to eat. The ring maker agreed, letting them inside to give them some soup and bread. As he did so, he saw that their eyes were a shade of blue that was not possible in a mortal. However, he didn't bug them about their origins, simply giving them the food they needed to eat.

As they finished eating, they decided to repay him, revealing that they were Angels in the service of Dorago the Gold. They also revealed that his prayer was to be answered two fold, by taking out their right eyes and turning them into crystalline eyes, healing the damage they inflicted upon themselves in the process. They gave him the two gems based on the conditions that he use one of them for his beloved, but the other needed to be for the King of the land.

Five hours after that, the rings would be completed, and the first one would be given to the King immediately after waking up in the morning. He got dressed, headed for King Gailardius von Bretonia's manor, and presented the ring. Gailardius' expression was worth it, and he won the bet without knowing it... he was made the royal ring maker of the land, and then he and his beloved were to be wed soon after.

Magic/Cursed Properties

When worn on a person who aligns with the Good side of the spectrum, in d20 terms, the person has an extended Aura of Good on them and protects them from low-powered Smite Good attacks.

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? Quest

Don't fear the Light!

Light elementals, Light Societies, Magical flashlights, lanterns that tell jokes, illuminated books and swords that shine like the sun.

Experience Points rewarded for every Light quest submission during the time frame with 150xp to the first place winner and 100xp going to second.

Let there be Light!!